why is it messed up?

my period always comes at different times.

and it's not like i get it every two months or three...

sometimes it comes once a month, just different days.

sometimes it comes every two months (different days of course) sometimes every three.

once i even waited 5 months for it.

i NEVER know when it's coming.

i hate it because if i haven't had it for atleast a month i always have to carry stuff around with me just in case i get it.

i hate when i go swimming or something because i worry constantly that i'm going to get it right before or something.

i always worry about my wedding because my friends are all like ya i'll just plan my wedding on a day that i know i won't have it...but i can't do that!!!

i just hate worrying that i'm going to get it...and sometimes i have to go through that torture of waiting for over two months!!!

what do i do?

by the way...i turn 17 next wednesday and i got my period when i was 13. it's always been messed up so this is nothing new.

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    Unfortunately, you may be one of those women whose period is always erratic. I know it must be annoying but periods are just a small part of life. I bet there's loads of good & interesting stuff going on in your life & at sixteen there's so much to look forward to. Please try to direct focus away from this annoying but comparatively trivial aspect of life.

    'Torture of waiting' - wow - I've never given my periods the power or energy to care about them that much. Words are powerful - deflate the energy you put into words describing your period, & the annoyance they give you will quickly deflate too.

    As for weddings, we chose the date exactly two years from the date we met because we thought it was romantic. It didn't even occur to me to check where I'd be in my cycle. If the 'big day' coincided with my period, we'd have gone ahead & done it anyway. When you're in love enough to swear to be together forever, you love every part of each other unconditionally. If the man's squeamish, tell him to either put on a condom or wait 'til it's over.

    It's true the pill can regulate periods & reduce the pain & blood loss. You can even take one packet after another without a break to prevent a 'withdrawal bleed' coming on. I'm sure you're really sold on the idea & I know it seems like the obvious answer. It might even be the right solution for you. But don't forget this is a long term hormonal treatment you'll be putting your body through. I started taking it when I was twenty for contraception & here I am twenty two years later still taking it! I was warned at the family planning clinic that it could take up to two years from stopping the pill for me to regain my fertility.

    Hold off on all of that until you're sure long term medication's really right for you & your body. In the meantime, revel in your youth, enjoy your life & your quirky cycle.

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    this is extremly common! All you have to do to get your period regular and to know EXACTLY when its coming is get on birth control, like the pill. This will make your period come once a month for like 4 days, and be light. You can even choose not to have a period by skipping the placebo pills and starting a new pack. so if your period falls on your wedding then just start a new pack and have a heavier period the next month. the pill is also great for moodiness, cramps, acne, and much more. trust me you should get it. even if you are not having sex it is still great to be on because it works well with your body. Get on the pill! i like yaz by the way!

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    trust me girl this is very very common... the first tym i got it was when i was 13 and the second time was when i was 14-a year later!! yeah my mom got panicky n dragged me to d doctor n kicked up a HUGE fuss!! it happens like that for a year or two.. u will slowly start getting regular...and even if u never get it on xact dates try to learn ur internal systems.

    eg: just a few days b4 u get it, u will xperience abdominal pains and unexplainable tiredness. This way u can always predict wen u are about to get it and u never have to cancel swimming!!

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    you could have polycystic ovarian syndrome. which sounds scary but really isn't all that serious. or you could just be one of those women who are always going to be unpredictable! i have pcos and sometimes i'll have my period everymonth just different days, and sometimes i'll go six months without anything. if it is pcos, you'll learn to love the months with no period! go to a ob/gyn and she'll probably put you on birth control to make you period come every month even though birth conrol periods aren't really real periods.

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    A small dosage of birth control pills may help to regulate your period and give you some much needed peace of mind. Talk to your mom and GYN.

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