I have heard that the sex of a baby depends on the man?

not on the woman. If it is true, please list the web page were I can read it and find out if it is real or not. suppostly, men have more of the Y cells and women x cells, and something like that. Please help, I would like to know more about this topic. Thank you in advance.

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    The sex of a baby depends on BOTH man & woman. It is true that sperm has X & Y Chromosomes. But sex of the baby depends on WOMAN also because

    1. If the environment in vagina is more alkaline then it favors the Y Chromosome (which will lead to a baby boy) and if it is more acidic then it favors the X Chromosome (which will lead to a baby girl).

    2. If ovulation has happened and egg is already present in the uterus during the time of intercourse, then chances of baby boy are more because Y Chromosomes travel faster towards egg than X Chromosomes. But if ovulation happens after few hours after intercourse then chances of baby girl are more because Y Chromosomes die faster than X chromosomes. So, by the time ovulation happens and egg is released only X chromosomes would be present.

    So if anyone says that the sex of a baby depends only a man then they are incorrect.

    Man's semen contains sperms with both X & Y Chromosomes. But it is the woman (or conditions of her body) which determines which chromosome to choose.

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    Yes, it's true. It's very very simple. Men carry the Y chromosome (XY) and women carry only the X chromosome (XX). Therefore it is the male that determines whether the baby will be a boy (by passing on the Y chromosome) or a girl (by passing on the X chromosome). Since the mother only has the X chromosome, she can't pass on the Y chromosome so it's the males that determine the sex of the offspring.

    And like the first answerer said, it is the sperm that carries the X and Y chromosomes. Some sperm carry X, and some carry Y. The first one to fertilize the egg wins.

    Source(s): Check in any high school biology book.
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    Hello, you have heard correctly. The father has both X and Y chromosomes (XY) and the mother has just X chromosomes (XX) So the Y chromosome is the one that will create a little boy. It all depends on the sperm that reaches the egg first. If a Y swimmer reaches first it will be a little boy and if an X swimmer reaches first it will be a little girl. The mother can only give an X chromosome as she is (XX). For more information on how the sex of your child is selected you can check out WEBMD. click on the "women" tab and then click on the "pregnancy" link from there. There are lots of informative and interesting articles there that may help you.

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    Sex is determined but the male that is true. Females have XX chromosomes and while Males have XY. The egg carries one Chromosome which is the X chromosome. While the male sperm also carries only one chromosome it is either X or Y. So should the X chromosome sperm fertilize the female's egg, then you will give birth to a female child, and should the Y chromosome sperm fertilize the egg then you will have a boy. I learned all this in school I am suprised I remember it. But yes the male does determine the sex of the child.

    Source(s): Mother of 2 baby #3 on the way
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  • High School biology text books have told us all that this is true.. Women (XX) only carry X Chromosomes and Men (XY) carry X's and Y's. Depending on the sperm that reaches the egg first, that determines the sex of the baby. Women have nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

    Source(s): High School Biology
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    Yes it is up to the man but more specific it is the sperm. The man has an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. The woman has two X chromosomes. So what happens when you get pregnant half of the man's and half of the woman's chromosomes come together to create the baby.

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    Women only carry the X chromosome. The men carry teh X and Y chromosome. So the baby's sex is decided as soon as the semen gets into the egg.

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    A woman has only x chromosome and a man has both x and y.

    If x fuses with x then the baby will be a girl, but if x fuses with y then the baby will be a boy.

    Now i guess it's clear that the sex of the child depends on the male only.

    Source(s): Studies
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    Girls In Depends

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