do you have to have a license to do manicures/facials?

if you are good at it and charge people? if not what are the risks involved?


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    Yes you must have a liecese and pass the test in order to obtain license. Risks: fines, lawsuits, jail....Why risk this. Take the class, take the test, pay the fee and operate legally. Plus you need city, county, state license for you business. Cannot obtain those without being a licensed person.

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    You are required to have a license to be a cosmetologist if you want to work in a shop or charge people. The risk of not having a license is you can be charged with a misdemeanor crime of practicing without a license.

    You can also be sued if someone gets an infection or reaction to something you used, but having a license will not protect you against a lawsuit.

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    You can get sued if the person you are doing this job to, gets fungus or an infection after your work. It is really important that you get your license. It doesnt even take that long to get it

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    Yes, in every state.

    google "vietnamese nail shop infections" for an example of what can go wrong.

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  • Yes. If not you can get arrested and go to prison.

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