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Have you had a thyroidectomy?

I have had hypothyroidism for 20 some years now. Within the past year I was diagnosed with a goiter and Hashimoto's disease. It's untelling how long I have had the Hashimotos, but I'm worried about the increased chance of developing other problems.

I go on Monday to talk to a surgeon about a thyroidectomy. I just wanted to know if anyone in Yahoo land has had the procedure and if so, have you had any problems since your surgery. I have read several articles on-line about how the surgeon has to be very careful with the parathyroid, the vocal chords, and etc.

If anyone reading this has had this procedure, please reply and tell me if you had any problems and how your recovery was. I really am nervous about having surgery, then again who isn't.

Thank you for your advice!!


I'm just hoping I'm doing the right thing.

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