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debt. broke. stressed. worried.

My money situation is getting really over 3,000 dollars in debt,

with credit cards and cell phone bills, and im only 20. Im not going to school yet...and my job sucks.

Ive applied everywhere in my town and surrounding towns trying to get maybe 2 jobs or full time,

im mooching off my parents, bc im so broke..

and it doesnt help that i have health conditions, and no insurance, so i have tons of medical bills to that keep pilling up.

Im so stressed out...I cant keep asking my parents for money, bc they arent my personal bank account, and they dont make alot either.

i cant even freakin afford hygeine products!!!!!! stuff that i need!

my medication, nothing!

bill collectors are harassing me, and there piling up bc i have No money to pay, so now im getting charged late fees.

i got myself into a lovely financial mess...

and I need help, or a way to make some good money...


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    being in debt isnt easy so u need to sort it out fast work out how much you owe and to who then work out how much money you earn and how long it will take to pay these debts back phone the people you owe money to and explain to them that you are having financial difficulty and you can only pay back a set ammount say every month and see what they say you will be suprised at how much they will help you arrange a pay back scheme and a set ammount to pay back every month your parents on the other hand obviously realise your difficultys and want to help you out dont feel too bad about this as thats what your parents are for but if it makes you feel better tell youn parents you appreciate all there help and you will pay them back asap

    if you want to earn extra money why dont you do a few online surveys you get paid to do these and it will get you that extra bit of cash or if you dont fancy that do something else in your spare time walk peoples dogs baby sit or get a job in a store

    i hope i helped and i wish you all the luck for the future

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    Lynn have you tired got to someone that would consolidate you bills and having them deal with the creditors?They can even get some of the interest knocked off for you and keep the bill collectors from calling you.

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