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My Brother got caught smoking weed and admited to anti depressent

he cant talk to any friends he sits in his room all day he has an open door policy his door can never shut he gets a few hours of tv a day nothing else he told me he is going crazy is this fair


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  • Emmers
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    i think everyone has a different view of marijuana and your parents are obviously very strict about that - it sounds like the wrong way to deal with it to me, i think they should focus more on the dangers of smoking it and stuff like that because they are just creating this communication gap between them and your son and once he's not grounded anymore he'll probably just go back to the weed to make him happier/more chilled out again. that just really really sucks. i don't think it's fair

  • Anonymous
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    fair is subjective so i won't speak on that matter. the anti-depressants on the other hand aren't an issue unless he is getting them from a friend. he needs to understand how anti-depressants work; they are not a narcotic. they build up in your system and begin working over a period of time if you consistently take them the way the prescription tells you. i don't know why anyone would recreationally take them; they offer absolutely zero intoxication factor.

    i won't speak on the matter of the marijuana either; the way that is handled is up for the parent(s) to decide.

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    sure its fair...

    how old is he?

    he needs to find a hobby apart from smoking weed and watching tv

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