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How can i get perfect skin? Daily Routine?

i'd like a daily routine to achieve really good skin.

my face at the moment is alright, apposed to it usually being dry/oily.

my currently skin routine is non-existant. i'm not girly when it comes to these things. i apply make up, then i use a make-up wipe to get rid of it, and when in the shower i use shower gel.

what should i do? i've heard of "cleansers" and "toners" and "moustirizors" and stuff but i really don't get it. how can they make your skin nice?

i have blackheads around my nose and i've tried blackhead patches but they don't work and just make my skin flake.

i have really big pores too. when i put foundation on my skin looks cracked and you can see my little dimpley pores and it looks horrible.

also around my nose i have redness and it gets sore sometimes.

oh yeah and i have dark circles :( HELP!

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    I suggest any three step 'regime' Clinique is a wonderful thing to start using - as is Arbonne's Intelligence line -

    You do the regime twice a day (wash, toner and cream)

    the toner will help your pores a lot (offers a balance to your skin)!

    Once a week on a clean face use a mask

    twice a week gently exfoliate I love Booth's products.

    It takes about two weeks for your skin to adjust to a routine and after you should have glowing skin.

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    Drink extremely some water (and that i might try not eating any soda/sugary beverages for a together as) I purely take a tub another day and in simple terms approximately in no way wash my face yet i are not getting zits lots because of the fact i purely incredibly drink water(plus its right for you!) additionally, save your hair out of your face as much as attainable and nevvverrr touch your face when I do wash my face i exploit clean and clean or some avon products my mom buys(uncertain if those might worsen your epidermis) for you hair get some shampoo for greasy hair, or bypass on your hairdresser and ask him/her if there is any products to help oily hair. for the zits scars, ask your dermatologist approximately any scar cream that doesn't difficulty your epidermis my pal used to have the drugs from her dermatologist and her lips have been given incredibly dry additionally, she used carmax(you are able to probable locate this at walmart) and it worked incredibly nicely for her desire I helped:)

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