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why are people to lazy not to search for answers themselfs on "Google"??

Why are people to lazy not to search for answers themselves on search engines like "".....


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    Why didn't you do such a thing?

    The answer is because sometimes you want personal answers, opinions, or answers from someone with experience. You asked this question to the public because it isn't suited for a search box, The same as many questions on here. For example, If I asked in yahoo answers "Why is the sky blue?", I would get answers the same as if I used a search engine. However, If I asked "What are some common phobias" People would tell me their own experiences with fears so I could get a real picture of 'common phobias', such as asked.

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    I love google but sometimes yahoo answers is just faster

    with search engins u have to look all over the place

    why not just ask someone that allready knows?

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    Because you have to know what you're looking for in the first place. Right? Sometimes you get so many answers on Yahoo or Google or other places that you don't know what's right. You have to know how to narrow it down in order to find some information.

    I totally just sung the "YahoooOOOOoooo!!" thing from the commercials!!! lol

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    Sorry to say, I don't think a lot of the users on Yahoo! Answers have the intelligence to Google anything.

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    People are social beings. They feel the need to interact with other people so they will post even the most lame question just to connect to whoever is out there.

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    Some people are looking for personal experience.

    Some people are looking for reassurance.

    Some people are looking for attention

    Some people are Drama Queens

    Some people are hurting

    Some people are looking for a boost in ego

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    i know!

    oppions is different.

    i hate when people are like "what time does wal-mart close"

    stop waiting for answers when you can google it faster than typing hte questions.

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