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My boyfriend says he loves me, but he doesn't know if he is "in love" with me.

I am going off to college and my boyfriend is going to be a senior in high school. We have been dating for almost a year, and truly can see him in my future. He says he has never loved anyone before me, so he doesn't know what the different levels of love can be. Last night when he told me this, I was crushed. I tried not to be, but I never knew how much it hurts to be in love with someone and not know if they will ever feel the same way.

What does this mean? Could it be a matter of the age difference and me being more ready to look at the future? Do guys experience this a lot?

If he doesn't know if he is in love right now, will he ever?

I would like to hear from a guys point of view, but guys and girls are both welcome.

and please, no rude responses

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    dont worry, honestly! he didnt mean to hurt you, it's a huge thing to say you love somebody, and obviously he is just finding it difficult to adjust to being in a long term relationship, boys are like that!

    it doesn't mean anything, it just means that he really really likes you, but he doesnt know what love is, and he has a point. don't worry, he's not falling out of love with you, he's just confused.

    good luck in the future, i'm sure you are both great for each other


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