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Scene Haircut Help! ! !(pics included)

Ok so my hair is just brown with blonde highlights right now.

I am going to get a scene haircut with side bangs.

I want bangs Kinda like these three: hair/33.jpg hair/10.jpg

But im going to dye my whole head darkdark brown like

like that color^^ with maybe a few lighter brown highlights.

And does anyone kno what the stripes are called that scene hair has...?


I really want Hot pink and aqua/bright blue stripes over my dark brown !

Any suggestions that would be cute?! im 14..first year of highschool !

HELP me think of ideas!


Eh first two links dont work !

Sorry just go by the third one with bangs ! (:

Update 2:

hey umm Tiff what are coon tails?

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    okay well the hair with stripes rr extentions.

    and if ya want lik any color after u dye ur hair dark brown

    ya gonna hav to bleach it.

    and tht really screws up ur hair. its lik havin dead hair.

    but ya cann cut it and then go to hoptopic and get the

    extentions there and once ya style ur hair put them on and they look reall. and if ya get short layers and want it too stick up.

    use hair wax. it the best and its want i use.

    and get the banggs. hopefully ya hair looks good.

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    To be quite honest that does not sound like a hair style you will be proud of in say... a couple years from now. We all go into strange fazes but maybe you should try to avoid the bright- unnatural hair colors, I really think you will regret it looking back. They can be extremely hard to do by yourself and most likely will not turn out the way you want.

    If you want side bangs, my suggestion would be to get some more natural bangs, that don't look like you are donald trump doing something weird and unnatural with the hair you have, like these

    There are easier to maintain and style- with just the ease of straightener.

    Also if you are looking for darker brown hair with a little kick, but nothing that you will regret- try brown with blonde chunky streaks or maybe even a natural red chunk streaks. Again please do it at a salon and not at home!

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    in my opinion, i admire finished bangs. (photograph #a million)I even have them and if youin case you dont want them anymore, they're incredibly hassle-free to advance out. the priority with the 2d coiffure is, while scene hair is going out of want, you would be left with a 'strange' finding decrease. Ask for allover uneven layers and study the thank you to tease your hair. I did precisely that and once I have been given uninterested in teasing my hair, i ought to positioned on it always and it regarded wonderful.

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    the stripes are coon tails, racoon tails, they're hair extensions. And ya i think that'll be cute

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    OMG! i'm getting that too! i love that hairstyle soo much! and ya there called racoon tails and i think they're hair extensions. just print out the picture that you want and show it to your hairdresser. well i hope i helped!! =)

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    hmm.... i like think you got the right motive?

    i like the highlight color, and the brown base will look good>

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    coon tails

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    if u dnt no ur facts then uu shouldnt go scene


    therey coontails duhh

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