I am playing The Sims and one of the babies my Sim has, cannot hold or do anything with?

Neither the father or the mother sim will hold or do anything with the baby even if I click on it to hold or cuddle it. So the baby is just laying on the bathroom floor for 2 days and nobody will do anything with the baby...neither the babysitter......whats wrong with the baby sim?

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  • Mia
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    1 decade ago
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    that has happened with my game too. what you have to do is to move the family out of the house and move them back into the house or another home of your choosing. this should fix the bug and you should be able to take care of the baby.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make sure that the sims can have access to the baby. that nothing is in their way to get to it. first delete everything in the bathroom and try and see if anyone will pick it up. if not, then u have a glitch in the game. If it is a glitch there is nothing u can really do to restart the family. but u can go to the neighborhood and remove the family from the house. that means the baby will be picked up too. then move the family back in. someone should be holding the baby when they arrive. hope that helps!

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