"Free Night of Baby Sitting" Coupons, cute gift idea?

A couple of my friends are having babies in a few months and along with the gift basket I am putting together for them, I was thinking about making a couple coupons for each basket for a free night of baby sitting since the girls are 19 and can't always depend on their parents.

Is this a good idea to help them out? I am very responsible with kids and have tons of little cousins (I am one of the oldest out of all my cousins, and theres a lot, lol) and I used to baby sit the kids in the neighbor hood all the time.

Let me know what you think....thanks!


Thanks so far everyone! I am glad you all think its a good idea.

And yea, I know kids are CRAZY in their twos and threes, like i said I have a billion little cousions all of whom are very spolid and bratty and I survived them lol.

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    I would be THRILLED! They may not use them for quite a while (depending on their attachment level and if she's breastfeeding), but they may come in handy in a year.

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    I am mom of a 7 weeks old, and I would so enjoy that! I think that this is a great idea. Don't put an experation date on it but also let them know that you need to know in advance. This coupon does not entitle them to call an hour before and they need to respect you. When they say it will be till 10pm they do not need to be getting home at 2 am! IF you understand what I mean. But i think it is wonderful!

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    Not only is it creative, but there are other good ideas I have used for situations like this -- like to make something for them. A dinner, or a picnic, a trip to the grocery when they are sick, or any other service that would help out in a pinch. However, I would not make the gift too open-ended or burdensome that you cannot follow through.

    And I think it would be tacky to have an expiration date.

    I also like to make things by hand for these gifts. Linens or hand-knits. They are unique and beautiful.

    Source(s): Check out babybox.com for the kinds of gorgeous linens that would be easy to make, because otherwise they are VERY expensive!
  • Wonderful idea! A new mom can only use so many bibs and onesies. As long as you are responsible and they trust you with their little ones, go for it! They will need some time off, so make sure you make good your promise whenever they ask, even if it is in the middle of the day so they can take a nap!

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    well get the 2 year old boy a truck that makes nosie thay love that fine out what kinda cartoon the 5 year old waches and get him something whit his favorite cartoon on is get the 4 year old girl a baby dool that makes nosie or has a bottel of something whit it and the 13 year old girl a jornal or a diary she is in that stage were she dont like to talk to anyone so take her to a diffrent room after you give the other kids theres and give her hers and tell he you understand being 13 and tell her it for her fellings and things like that but tell her you are ther if she need to talk thats the best i got good luck and have a great weekend

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    Great idea!! you may even want to personalize them a little ...

    Friday night only or good for 5 times.

    I think thats a very considerate gift.

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    Great idea. My mom did the same thing with me when I was pregnant with my daughter. She made a cute coupon and it was funny too.

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    i think any parent would love a free night of baby sitting just make sure you can keep the promise

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    I wish someone would've given me a free night of babysitting. hahaha I think that's a fantastic idea!

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    Yeah I've done it before, but it comes back to haunt you later on. Make an experation date!!! haha Because when their kid is two and out of control they'll call you to baby sit...lol

    answer mine?


    Source(s): experience =)
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