What do my dreams mean?

I had this dream a loooong time ago and the only one i remeber. i was in our old kithcen with my mom,my sister,brother and there dad(not mine). and i was under the table. Then i heard screaming and everyone ran but me and my mom. and there dad had cut my moms foot off. then we started running.(i have no clue how she ran).does that dream mean something?

And theres also one where im walking ontop of a tall fence and my moms sisters yelling run and i do and police start chsing me down the alley..

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    The first dream you describe appears to deal with conflict between your 'dad' and mom when you were small and perhaps not able to comprehend the argument.

    The kitchen is a natural center for such notions due to the familial nature of gathering and being fed there. You mention 'not mine' in terms of your dad - was he your step-father? That is not important except that since you took the trouble to note him in this way you implie something about his standing apart - was he violent or divisive?

    The cutting off of your mother's foot indicates his control over her - perhaps he was stifling or restrictive in some ways that kept her in a low state. Perhaps that led to conflict and open argument.

    Your place under the table could be symbolic - it would be a place of refuge - perhaps away from an argument or two that you actually did witness. Alternatively, it is possible that you were truly a toddler and unable to understand the conflict and were taken up by your mother as things ended harshly. Her ability to 'run' is a product of the mind's ability to synthesize virtually anything it wishes to via the dream. Her running is the 'logica'l being applied and overriding the artificial image.

    In any case, this may well not relate to a single argument but perhaps an atmosphere of conflict and frustration sensed in your mother about the situation. That could leave the impressions on a child that would lead to a dream projected in the way you've described.

    The second one also seems to deal with some sort of conflict.

    Why the fence? Often one senses a divide when one finds one's self on a fence like this. Of course running the middle, as it were, runs the risk of falling - or being seen in high profile by those who differ and might pursue.

    Another possibility is that you mom's sisters may have tried to keep you from harm during your childhood - and perhaps even kept you when she may have had problems. Does the earlier suggested conflict play into this somehow?

    Adults sometimes suggest things like police chasing and arresting children for misbehavior - were you warned away from things that frightened them? Did they perhaps use such 'threats' to control you? The dream could be an extension of a minor anxiety from such a thing. The playing out of the scene to include being chased by police could relate to your curiosity about what it would have been like to do some of the things that were put off limits for your safety or other reasons.

    Sadly, family conflict and a restrictiveness are suggested by what you've shared - I would like to find myself wrong in that though. But that is a common enough occurrence for many people and nothing for a child to be ashamed of. Think back to the earlier times when these dreams occurred - were there such things going on in the family? If so then you can work toward a release of them.

    Perhaps you already have and are simply curious as to the dreams, but if not, do not harbor feelings of guilt of what you might have done, etc. Children are innocents in such things. Your mother sounds like one who was protective of you and a closeness is implied - I hope that things are well there.

    You of course know the context of your life from that time and would have to decide how any of this may fit your dreams. I hope this may help your understanding in some way.

    All the best to you.

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    If you were just a child then when you dreamed it, there's not really that much symbolisms of it other than some sort of control issues. It seems like you feel confused and want to get away from certain situation but you can't. Sometimes when we dream especially when we are young, we have dreams such as you had that stays on our mind.

    It might also be, that when you dreamed it, you were partially awake and hearing the TV or people talking, and you just start to make up story of what you are hearing. It's been a looooong time ago, so, I would just say, it could just be it - just a dream.

    Not much of a Freudian dream there, or Jung either.

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