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I forgot to tell my recruiter pt2

taking antidepressants again and it seems like its a medical disquilifier. Now If i stop taken meds, wait three months for a possible meth piss test result, can i still join witht he slogan" If they dont ask, Don't tell"

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    My friend stopped taking his anxiety meds about a week before he signed up. He was planning on going off of them anyways before he even decided to join and he really didn't need them, so his recruiter told him not to bother telling MEPS about it, since the drug test only checks for illegal drugs. I don't know how honest it is though... his recruiter was a big liar, so I don't want to tell you to do anything that might be illegal. That was just his personal experience.

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    get a doctors note. i know someone who had just got their wisdom teeth out a week before and they were taking prescription painkillers and that is what they had to do. they passes the drug test without showing it to them

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