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9th grade and 10th grade math transfer problems

hi its my first time posting and im really in homeschool at the moment and im transfering to high school in a few days i have all my 9th grade classes finished expect math im only half way done with it, will i be able to transfer to 10th grade and finish my 9th grade math in high school?

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    It is probably dependent on the school - but I am a high school teacher and at our school we don't put students in a class just because of their grade level. Most schools at the secondary level are all about credits - so you could have three 11th graders - one that is right on track taking all junior year classes, one that is behind taking some 11th grade classes and some 10th grade (or even 9th grade) classes and then the third one that has done advance work and is taking 12th grade classes. I'm a math teacher, we don't have our math separated into 9th grade math, 10th grade math, is Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, etc... Algebra I is mostly for 9th graders - but I had a little of every grade in there. So long story short, you should be fine - you'll probably be in all the typical 10th grade classes but then in the math class that most 9th graders are in, but you won't be alone as the only upperclassman and you should be able to catch up with your classmates without too much trouble.

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