Husband"s double standards...who's right?

About a year ago I received an email from an old boyfriend(early high school years, nothing serious). My husband and i share the email acct, also been married almost 20 yrs now. Anyway, he was the one who opened it, read it, and showed it to me. The guy was emailing to say hi, see where my life ended up,but did mention he only knew I had gotten married. My husband wanted to reply himself, ttold me the rude response he wanted to send and told me that "no good could come from this, if I knew what he means" and he just delelted the email and that was that. NOW, he recently was contacted by one of his old girlfriends, however this is a girl that was serious, lost their virginity to each other etc. He took the breakup hard back then. He has emailed her back and forth, sent pics, initially of him and our kids, told her that he was leaving it up to me to pick out one of myself for him to send her, and told her that he wasnt going to pick one of me because he didnt want to bury himself ha ha he wrote. Her pics are of her kids and ones of just her even her in bathing suits.Their emails are semi-frequent, and his rarely mention his own family and he's even boosted his career out of its actual proportions, he told her he owns his own business. I have already told him that I cant see any reason for this to continue, after the initial whats new, who really cares, and he calls me his sister's name, (she's notoriously jealous), and tells me to grow up. He deletes the received and sent emails now too. How come its different for him but when I received one, it would lead to no good? Sad part is when he deleted the one I received, frankly I could care less......


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    Hes the pot calling the kettle black isn't he???

    It was NOT wrong that you wanted to write back an old boyfriend. It was years ago. Hes obviously just a little controlling.

    Now besides that. He has no business what so ever continuing regular contact with his ex. A simple " Hey how ya doing, I'm doing this and this with my life" was fine. Thats where it should have ended.

    Hes the one that needs to grow up. Not you.

  • HOW ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE getting your email address?

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