Why does my stereo make weird noises with the subs

I have a Sony CDX-F5000 in my car, and I just got a 3200 watt hifonics amp, and 2 kicker l7's, and when i change the radio station, or the song on the cd, the subs make BOOM noise and i can like hear them making random noises when its reading the cd or song before it starts playing.

Ive tried re wiring the stereo, thought it wasnt properly grounded or something but it is, and it still does it.

Is this from positioning of the wires or what?

Thanks for any help guys!


Thats what i also thought, and knew tho, My RCA's and speaker lines are all on the left side of the car, then the power wires are ran on the right side, although the REM wire is on the left side... would that be the problem?

Update 2:

Well I know the RCA's arent damaged or anything in any way, they're brand new ones, not the heavily insulated or expensive ones which i should probably invest in, but I did have the monster cable RCAs witch were really nice, and thick and were deff. insulated but it still did the bump when id change the radio station and whatever.

Right now its like this, wire harness (speaker, and REM wire) and rca's on the left side, and power wires on the right and the rcas are on the left side of the amp, and power, and REM on the right, the output is also on the power side too.

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    Whenever there is a hard thump while changing stations or a heartbeat or even a low to high sound coming out of your subs its due to the sound and power conflicting. RCA wires are either conflicting with your amp power wire or your car wire harness. This problem can be easily fixed by either buying an expensive highly insulated RCA wire or wiring the RCA & power/car wire harness on seperate sides of the car.(run the power wire on the same side of the battery, run the RCA on the other side)

    Yes. also double check that your RCA's didnt get punctured in anyway and are secure on both the Radio & amp.

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    Big Tim is Right, the Power and RCA should be on the opposite sides of each other. When i hooked up my system i put the power on the left which is where the battery is and i ran the RCA across the right side. its more work but it keeps the quality of sound pretty good.

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