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what information should i include on my bags for horse treats we decide on happy horse!?!?!?!

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  • Amy S
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    Say that they have natural ingredients like carrots and apples, then also include a complete list of ingredients on the back. If there are any special ingredients that are extra-good for your horse (like flax seed etc) make sure to put that on the front.

    Say something about them being home-made.

    Include the words "healthy" and "tasty" somewhere

    If they'll go bad, make sure you have an "expiration" date on the bag

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    I agree with Amy S. All natural is great! Homemade is also something better than the mass produced stuff. A pic of the trreat if the bag is not see through. And a scratch and sniff would be very helpful as well. Lots of horse treats look like they would taste/smell yummy and then to find that they stink something awful once you open them and the horses refuse the treat. Lots of money wasted that way.

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