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Are there any grants that might be available to fix a private dam?

I see many grants for public dams but I have a small dam at my house in danger of breaking soon and I am already trying to pay to fix a mold issue in my house and can't do both. Anyone know of any funding that might be available to protect the wetlands?

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    There are many sorts of grants that a U.S. Citizen can recieve. They are mostly found in your state or city and are very unknown to the population. You can try searching in your District Newspapers that covers 2 to 4 citys in your state.

    I found my grant program in my District Newspaper. The grant program I found was designed for housing, personal bills, medical bills, and education. But it might be only available in my state. The program I found has an experation date every year. It only happens once a year.

    I hope this information helps, if not, contact me.

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