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havinig trouble spelling some words can you help me find a free spell checker

spell checker

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    Most computers have a word processor which generally has a spell checker as part of that program. If you have Microsoft Word it is located under tools.

    Online at you can copy and paste words or phrases and it will check your spelling. There are others and some that you can download. Run a search for free spell check.

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    Hmm. I use Firefox as my browser. It has a built in spell checker and underlines any words it doesn't understand that I type in text boxes (like the one for this answer).

    For instance, it didn't understand "Hmm". When I right click on the underlined word, several options of words it thought I meant to type pop up. I can pick one and it will replace it.

    In this case, I really did mean to type "Hmm." so I left it alone.

    If you worry about using a browser other than Internet Explorer, I can tell you the Firefox is awesome. There are some sites that it doesn't like, but there is an add-on tool for Firefox called IE Tab. I just use that to view pages that give Firefox trouble and it works great.

    With a built in spell checker :D

    Links below in sources.

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    Even if you spell the word wrong it'll give you suggestions.


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    difficult factor. lookup onto yahoo or google. just that can assist!

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