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please i need some advice on wife's strange behavior

my wife is a lovely woman who fights so hard for our two disabled children, my problem is that she gets in these moods when she just wants me and the kids to leave her alone and she seems very sad she goes on long walks and i think that she cuts herself but she says that she just got caught in a Brier she will stay like this for 1 or 2 weeks at a time then she is her old self again what do i do?

I Love My Wife and just want to help her; serious answers only please

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    she sounds like she is struggling with bouts of depression as would any women with that much on her "plate" Try to get her to laugh, to go out and do something just for her, whatever she was into before her life got so serious. Communication is key and if she is not talking to you, try to get her to talk with one of her friends, her mom or a professional.

    Hope this helps, blessing

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    You and your wife should seek some therapy. Your wife may have cyclical depression, a form of bipolar disorder. I must say, having a disabled person in my household and having had a disability as a child, I would not think that this behavior would be extraordinary and, except for the cutting, may be adaptive. I usually emerge from "dark moods" with greater insight into a problem, so I am not sure medication and getting rid of these moods completely is the answer. My wife and I really appreciate the quarterly periods of respite we receive from our disabled relative, especially with four children in addition. Seek to go out with your wife to any special interest support groups that may apply to your children's disabilities. You may find that there are many other people who have solutions and with whom you can share your trials. You may also find helpful professionals and helpers though those groups. Go in peace and good luck.

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    I'm no psychologist, which is who I think you might need to consult on this. However, she sounds like she may have a form of depression. It also sounds like she's in denial about the issue.

    Perhaps it might be worth while to consult a psychiatrist for advice, or, if you can, see if she might like to talk to someone. I would phrase it as, "You do a great a job with the kids, and I know it can be really taxing and hard on you. Do you think you might like to talk to someone about it? It might be a great stress reliever and it will give you some time to yourself."

    Good luck!

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    honestly i get like that alot. I think that sometimes you just get so overwhelmed that you only think about the negative. I think she may be focusing on to much negative and not enough positive. So if you see any more cuts on her arms just sit down and have a long talk that always helps me out. And give her alot of compliments. And most importantly say "i love you'.

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    I think your wife is suffering from a severe case of depression. She is probably sad and confused about her life and her role as a mother and wife. She appears to be regressing into her own solitude and with your suspicions of cutting herself, I recommend that you take her to your nearest mental health center and have her evaluated. Maybe therapy and meds are indicated.

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    i think shes under stress and alota pressure, just leave her alone for a while, and make her tell u anything (as in nagging her until she opens up)

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