music to my myspace?

I go to the MUSIC link, and click on the song I want and it adds it to my myspace..but the music does not play automatically when someone visits my have to click Play first...

how can it play when someone visits my page, withouth them having to click on the song?

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    Go into account settings then click Miscellaneous, then scroll down to music players, and check the box that says auto start my profile music player.

    hope that helps.8)

  • 4 years ago

    I'm lovely dissatisfied approximately the brand new song participant as good. I emailed purchaser offerings or some thing complaining approximately it haha. I attempted so as to add a track to my profile, went on there at present, and there have been like three I've by no means obvious in my existence. Too difficult for my liking. I agree, Tom will have to've left it, he is screwing up myspace enormous time.

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to you profile tab let it drop down the go to edit profile. Then once you have it up then go all the way to right wear the little tab say song and video. Then on that page before you choose your style of mp3 player it says profile song and it is the 2 under profile song one says auto-play settings that's the one. Good Luck! Hope that's what you meant.

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