What does the Japanese song title [Aishiattemasu?] means in English?

There are no translations for the song on the 'net, and while I can figure out some of it myself, I have no idea what the title (repeated often in the song) actually means. I haven't exactly learned enough Japanese yet to pull it off, I suppose.
Update: What I'm most curious about is how it breaks down. The grammar is a toughie for me, so if I had any idea how this beast is put together it would prove immensely helpful. The Japanese title in kana is アイシアッテマス?

(Discography: http://key-a-kiss.com/disc.htm )
Update 2: Another one in the same song is [aisarechattemasu?] Don't have a clue on that one either...I got to [ai] and lost it from there.
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