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Screenlets on Fedora Core 9

Does anyone know how to install screenlets on Fedora Core 9 (i386)

I got the FC9 RPM from the screenlets website but can't satisfy any of the dependencies

[root@mypc screenlets]# rpm -Uvh screenlets-0.1.2-13.1.i386.rpm

warning: screenlets-0.1.2-13.1.i386.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID d0978e40

error: Failed dependencies:

gnome-python-desktop is needed by screenlets-0.1.2-13.1.i386

python-gnome is needed by screenlets-0.1.2-13.1.i386

python-gnome-extras is needed by screenlets-0.1.2-13.1.i386

python-gtk is needed by screenlets-0.1.2-13.1.i386

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    You must install the python dependencies before you install screenlets. Ensure that you are in the sudo list or use root and open up Terminal.

    If you have Yum installed then you can issue something like (all one line):

    yum install gnome-python-desktop python-gnome python-gnome-extras python-gtk

    So it might look like this within Terminal:

    root@somehost#>yum install gnome-python-desktop python-gnome python-gnome-extras python-gtk

    And allow them to install. Any other dependency that those dependencies require must be installed as well and you can use yum to install them accordingly.

    Good luck.

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