david archuleta poster?

im making a poster for the american idol concert and i was trying to think of good ideas of what to put on it. I have a picture of him on it now. i was thinking of putting maybe some of the lyrics to his new song, "crush" on it, or something creative like that. does anyone have any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you don't want to make it too "full" of words or pictures because then he wont see it. you just want to get your point across with as little as you can.

    maybe have a picture of him and a picture of you with the word crush on it.

    remember the simpler the better

  • 4 years ago

    i've got incredibly been finding for one too...i'm a teenager. LOL. and that i REAAAALLY prefer one. yet i don't think of they exist... :-( in the event that they do, I definately have not seen them everywhere. somebody instructed me that they got here across one at aim as quickly as, yet my interior reach aim would not even sell posters... 0_0 desire you detect one...

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