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What do you think about tap dancing?

Well, I wanna start having tap lessons it is cool??...Should I go on with that Idea? Or is it a waste of time??? Answer sooon

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    tap is reallly really fun and exciting if you're good at it. you have to have a good ear for specific little details, and pretty much it helps if you're a perfectionist. and it helps for other forms of dance since tap is extremely rhythm-oriented

    i'm a tap dancer, along with jazz ballet & broadway jazz etc..

    and tap is my favorite.

    i've been taking tap for 9 years and would never quit.

    Source(s): dancer of 10 years. about to start competition
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    I've been taking tap dancing for 8 years now and I'm 14 and I still really love it. I don't think it's a waste of time, though that's my opinion, I don't know how you might like it. I personally really enjoy it, but do whatever you want. ♥

    Source(s): I've been dancing for 8 years and am 14, tap dancing is one of the dances I've been taking since I first started dancing.
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    I've been tap dancing for years, and it's by far my favorite type of dance. There can be such variety and creativity in the choreography, and it's a lot of fun. Whether you do broadway style, hip-hop influenced tap, country western style, or something completely different, it's definitely worthwhile learning to tap.

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    My daughter does tap dancing and she thinks it's really cool. When I go to her recitals the class does really cool moves, if you think you are interested in tap lessons then you should go for it.

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    i personally dont like tap just cause i dont think im to good at it but it is very cool with all the different sounds and beats you can make. i would say go for it but be prepared.

    Source(s): dancer for 10 years =)
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    I personally love tap! I think that you should do it if you want. And it is definitely not a waist of time!

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    I took tap as a child and loved it.

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    Tap is not cool. But i love it!

    ive been doing it for year and i love it a lot!

    it looks impressive, its fun and its good for you! its a great way to have a laugh with your friends and if your just starting a class its a great way to meet new friends to have a laugh with :D

    i would defiantly go for it! i dont think you will regret it x

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    I am kinda clumsy so I think it is pretty hard. But you should go for it if you really want to. Increases your balance and coordination, i think

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