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I have a pimple that hurts sooo bad!? 10pts for best solution!?

This is probably the biggest pimple i've ever had. Its a little under my lip, and it throbs and hurts. It won't go away! Help:(((

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    I'm sorry to hear about your problem, that's a painful spot for a bad pimple. My condolences.

    I would recommend hot compresses, pressing a hot bath cloth to the area. Let it rest for 3-4 minutes and then repeat. Do this every few hours, it will help with the pain, and will also help to draw the pimple to its conclusion...hopefully.

    John Jones, M.D.

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    Dont worry, I can help you! The best way to get rid of a zit this serious is to use professional acne products, such as clean and clear, proactiv, or nuetrogena. The best at-home soultions are to continuoly wash your face, and go outside for a while. the sun may dry up and seriously help remove the zit. After being outside, put some lemon juice on it. I really hope this helps and I hope the zit is defeated!

    Ive had monsters like that before! The chemicals in diaper rash romover helps a ton too!

    :) (By the way I am the one who marked the question interesting!!!)

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    ouch! that must really hurt.

    i had one like that too once.

    remember to wash your hands often.

    dont touch it or pick at it.

    thats the worst part.

    if you pick at it then youll get an infection

    & youll have to get meds for that. :/

    but still dont touch it because when you

    are active your hands get germs, bacteria,

    sweat, natural oils, and dirt on them.

    if you touch pimples then they can get bigger

    because theyre dirty and oily.

    (beleive it or not, but its true & alot of people

    dont know it!)

    wash your face a few times a day with a cleanser

    & i suggest buying those clearasil acne pads

    in the store. you can buy the cheap brand

    of those too at your drugstore/pharmacy.

    they work really good just give them a day

    or so & theyll start working real good!

    but if you still feel like you need something

    stronger & the pimple is still the same after

    a week go to the pharmacy or your doctor

    (or dermatologist) & ask them what kind of

    meds they can perscribe.

    hope this info helped!

    good luck and ciao!

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    i always use Sudocrem, it is a antiseptic cream that parents use for Nappy rash but it is amazing for spots and pimples and even wounds

    also you can try witch hazel that is good try a tea tree and witch hazel ointment put it on a cotton ball and dab it on

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    oooooooo a pimple that hurts well proactive but in order to use that u have to wait for it to come in the mail walmart sells a lot of acne creams and such......

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    try toothpaste. Seems weird, I know, but it will dry it up quickly. But as for the pain, there's not much I know to stop it. Sorry :(

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    go to bed tonight put toothpaste on it and in the morning it'll be dried out and ready to pop, trust me it works i've had one like that on my nose and thats what i did, it worked great.

    please anawer mine?;_ylt=AmC_D...

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    You can use lemon for it or see some sun, it shoukld make it dry

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    put some Oragel or some other type of numbing medicine on it

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    I know these sound weird... but penatin(diaper rash cream) or lanicane... trust me, they work!!

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