Is anyone here a Jesuit or know any Jesuits?

I read a book which claims Jesuits are responsible for wars, assassinations and other catastrophes. Do any of these ideas hold any credence or is just some small fringe anti-catholic group?

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    I finished a Jesuit highschool and have a lot of Jesuit friends.

    Here's the thing: These ideas are legends. And like all legends, they have a grain of truth in them. The Jesuits have a kind of special status with the Pope, I'm not sure what is called in English, but there's a few other orders and organizations with the same status. Ever since the establishment, the Jesuit order was very energetic. Their founder Ignatius of Loyola was a warrior, and his idea was to create "the army of Christ". Jesuits still use quite a lot of militry terminology, for example, their leader is called the general, etc. But there's more to them. For example, each Jesuit is required to become a priest (that's not obligatory for other monks; you probably know that monks are not the same as priests), and besides, have a university degree in any other field, not theology. Which makes them a powerful group of men with good and varied education, and suitable for many important tasks of the Church.

    And they willingly take them. Back when the Church was more actively political, Jesuits used to be politicians and diplomats. Hence their image of being cunning and influential "string-pullers". However, they've done a lot of other important work. One of their big things is missions. Jesuit missionaries have always been the most innovative, the most willing to understand the cultures they go into and mix local traditions with the Catholic ones (China and South America are great examples of Jesuit missionary work, you could look up some more info on that). Also, Jesuit education is considered excellent, and not only religious, but academiclly great quality. They have often been founders of first universities in many different regions, including my own country (and the actual university that I went to, though they don't run it nowadays). There are many Jesuit scientists in many different fields. In contemporry Church, the Jesuits are the greatest forward-thinkers, the most willing to go into difficult debates with scientists, atheists and politicians, and even with fellow Catholics, when they become too fnatic and closed-minded.

    The book that you read is probably some sort of conspiracy theory. The Jesuits are oftn subject to these, because they engage in so many importnt activities, and re often willing to look creatively and find innovative ways of thinking, that they're often taken for some sort of rulers or the world, like illuminati or the freemasons. But in fact, I love Jesuits for their intellectuality, their open-mindedness, and their active lifestyles. They're really very interesting people to talk to!

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    Those accusations are from anti-Catholic groups. The mission of the Jesuits is education in the faith. Obviously, some Protestant groups are alarmed at this.

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