What does Salary Sought mean

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applying for a new job and its asking what my salary sought is? please help
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Salary sought refers to how much you are looking to make at this job (not your past one, or you will be offered the same or less than you got at that last job!). This is a tricky question. If you give a figure that is too high, they could discard your application because they think you will not be interested in the job. If it is too low, then they will offer you less money than you could have gotten otherwise. I usually write in "Market", which means that I am looking for them to pay me what I am worth. We can talk about actual numbers when they offer me the job.
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  • Stryder S answered 6 years ago
    this is asking you what your desired salary is for this position. What is the salary you seek?
    sought = to look for = salary you are looking for

    how much do you want to be paid for in this position?
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  • Mona M answered 6 years ago
    It means, How much money would you like to get paid for the job.
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  • Mike answered 6 years ago
    It means what do you want/expect to make
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  • white eyes answered 6 years ago
    Everyone is right except BIG A
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  • Cotton headed ninny muggins answered 6 years ago
    how much are you looking to be paid
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  • dont worry answered 6 years ago
    your wage of your previous job
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