What is better MAC or Bare Escentuals?

I wear the MAC studio fix liquid foundation and it always feels so heavy when I put it on.

Is Bare Escentuals better/worth it?

Will it have full coverage?

Do you know what color I should get if Im (NC25) in MAC?

Any other better foundation suggestions that are lightweight, but also full coverage?


But for Bare Escentuals you gotta buy brushes, which are expensive.

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    Bare Escentuals id much better.

    Mac is cheaper.

    I use to be a MAC wearer and I loved it, but I was constantly fightin g to keep the acne away. I felt heavy and if I dare sleep with it on, I was sure to have a pimple to show for it. I have very very oily skin.

    I have been using Bare Escentuals and I can see a clear difference. My skin is smoother, BE is light and I have this silky feeling when you touch my skin. You can buy any brush and use it with bare escentual.

    I would suggest that if you want to try it without breaking the bank, buy it online from ebay. Try it for a month and then make your decision from there.

    Good Luck, I know how hard it is to find a great foundation!

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    Bare Escentuals is worth it. MAC is expensive yet it does look really heavy when on. Shiseido foundation's not bad.

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    I think how makeup feels is subjective for each person. You should go to the makeup counters at the department stores and let the assistants apply a bit of the makeup on you. (You could even do 1/2 your face in MAC and 1/2 in BE) Then you can feel for yourself how much you like each one.

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    it relatively is annoying to assert that's greater valuable via fact they the two are sturdy manufacturers for various motives for my area. bare Escentuals commencing place, concealer, and mineral veil are my well-liked products from bare Escentuals and are greater valuable than MAC commencing place on the grounds that's greater healthy and heavy for me. i admire those products and bare Escentuals face brushes. although, i do unlike their eye make up products, lipsticks or blushes. MAC is plenty greater valuable, via fact their eyeshadows are greater pigmented and are available in diverse finishes. Their lipsticks are much greater valuable, too. i admire the MAC lipsticks :) I purely use BE for my face definitely lol

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    Source(s): I use mac concealer, if you have problem areas just put on your mac concealer then put bare escentuals foundation it is amazing . You dont feel disgusting like esp during the summertime in the heat i used to look forward to coming home to wash my face off but not with B.E. just get a brush from walmart. Its not the brush but the foundation that makes a difference.
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    bare is more healthier and goes on smoothe still pricey but cheaper than mac.

    mac is lumpy trust e ive worked for them

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