who have been to bethlehem palestine

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    Bethlehem is actually in Judea. At the moment, no nation is sovereign there, certainly not Palestine, which ceased its existence in 1948.

    Bethlehem (which is not in Israel but is part of the Palestinian Authority) had been primarily a Christian city, but in recent years the "friction" with the Muslims there has resulted in many Christians leaving.

    Because of the oppressive rule of the Palestine Authority and the terrorist organizations it comprises, Christians have been leaving such former Christian towns, such as Bethlehem in the thousands.

    Not long ago, a death threat came on simple white flyers blowing down the streets of Bethlehem at dawn. A group calling itself "Friends of Muhammad" accused a local Palestinian Christian of selling mobile phones carrying offensive sketches of the Muslim prophet.

    The message went on to curse all Arab Christians and Pope Benedict XVI, still struggling to calm Muslim outrage from his remarks on Islam.

    While neighbors defended the merchant -- saying the charges in the flyer were bogus -- the frightened phone dealer went into hiding, feeling less than satisfied with authorities' conclusion that the note was probably a harmless rant.

    Now the dealer is thinking of going abroad.

    Call it part of a modern exodus, the steady flight of the tiny Palestinian Christian minority that could lead, some predict, to the faith being virtually extinct in its birthplace within several generations -- a trend mirrored in many dwindling pockets of Christianity across the Islamic world.

    Currently, Jews are not permitted to go to Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem except in bulletproof buses, although it's just a few minutes walk from Gilo in Jerusalem.

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    I have been there several times. It is a pity that the Israelis permitted the Moslems to chase the Christians out of it. There is now a Moslem majority in Bethlehem and Christians are at best a tolerated minority. If I had any say in it, Bethlehem would have been created as an independent Dominion and American and European Christian sects would be encouraged to open seminaries and hotels there, thus ensuring the Christian identity in Jesus's birthplace.

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    I was there 16 years ago. A beautiful city. A Jewish city. Then Israel gave it away to the Philistines. It's not the same anymore.

    If you are Muslim or Palestinian or Jew or Israeli or Christian, can you handle the truth? I dare you to read this article by a Muslim Arab-Israeli.


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    Nope. If it's in Palestine those Israelites would have probably tried to bomb it.

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