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I NEED names, please?

I'm thinking to write a story about a 18 year old cheerleader named Jamie. Jamie was raped by a gang and gave birth at home with a midwife to a son. Jamie's family persuaded her to gave birth to the boy instead of abort him. I NEED names:

What is Jamie's MIDDLE NAME?

What is her son's NAME?

Her parents' name?

Her MIDWIFE's name?

Her sister's name?

Her brother's name?

And the woman's of the social services?

Thank you very much!!

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    What is Jamie's MIDDLE NAME? Jamie Reece

    What is her son's NAME? Preston James (after grandpa)

    Her parents' name? Rachel & James

    Her MIDWIFE's name? Grace

    Her sister's name? Sydney Day

    Her brother's name? Braeden Graham

    And the woman's of the social services? Lynn Marie Mason

    If you want other options some of my favorite names along with their origin & meaning: (MN) - I like for a middle name, but some would work for a first name and vice versa :>)


    Aaralyn (AIR-a-lin) - American: "With song"

    Ainsley - Scottish: "My own meadow"

    Avery (MN) - German: "noble; bearlike"

    Bailee (BAY-lee) - English: "Bailiff"

    Belle (MN) - French: "Beautiful"

    Caprice (ka-PREESE) - French: "whimsical, unpredictable"

    Carrington - English: "Place name: Town of Cora"

    Dai (MN) - Japanese: "Great"

    Emberlyn - American: "Spark by the waterfall"

    Fallon - Irish: "Of A Ruling Family"

    Giselle (or Jazelle) - German: "Pledge"

    Gracelyn - American: "Grace By The waterfall"

    Harlow - English: "From The Mound Of The People"

    Hayden - English: "From The Hay Downs"

    Jaelee - American: "Happy meadow"

    Jacee - American: "The Flower"

    Jacelyn - American: "Joyous"

    Jazlyn - American: "Flower at the waterfall"

    Kadance - English: "Rhythm"

    Kailee(K-eye-lee) American: "Form of Kayla" (Arabic: "Crown")

    Kalyn (KAY-lin) American: "Rejoicer by the waterfall"

    Kayde (MN) - Scottish: "Wetlands"

    Kinsley - English: "Offspring; relative"

    Kole (MN) - Greek: "Victorious people"

    Kennedy - Irish: "Helmeted chief"

    Laine (MN) - English: "Path"

    Makenna - Scottish: "Ascend"

    Marley - English: "Meadow near the lake"

    Olivia - Form of Olga - Russian: "Holy"

    Peyton - English: "Warrior's town"

    Rayne (Rain) (MN) - Scandinavian: "Mighty"

    Reese (MN) - Welsh: "Enthusiasm"

    Reagan - Irish: "Little ruller"

    Saylor - American: "Strong, Brave one in Battle"

    Shea (MN) - Gaelic: "Admirable"

    Skye(MN) - Arabic: "Water giver"

    Sydney - English: "Wild Meadow"

    Teagan - Irish: "Good Looking"


    Ash (MN) - Scandinavian: "Tree name: the Ash Tree"

    Beau or Bo (MN) - French: "Handsome"

    Beckett - English: "Beehive or bee cottage"

    Blaise (BLAZE) (MN) - French: "Limping"

    Braeden - Irish: "descendant of Bradán"

    Braxton - English: "Brocks Town"

    Brighton - English: "The bright town/ bridge settlement"

    Britton - English: "From Great Britain"

    Bryson - Welsh: "Son of Brice (Speckled)"

    Carter - English: "One who transports goods"

    Chase - French: "Huntsman"

    Christian - English: "Follower Of Christ"

    Cole (MN) - English: "Victory Of The People"

    Colton - English: "Swarthy person"

    Dean (MN) English: "valley; church official"

    Deacon (DEE-ken) - Greek: "Servant / Messenger"

    Duke (MN) - Latin: "Noble leader"

    Emerson - English: "Son of Emery (Work Ruler)"

    Grant (MN) - English: "Great"

    Greyson - English: "Son Of The Grey-haired Man"

    Graham (MN) - English: "gravel area; gray homestead"

    Gunner - German: "Battler, Warrior"

    Harrison - English: "Son of Harry (Army ruler)"

    Holden - English: "Deep valley"

    Jameson (JAY-ma-sun) - English: "Son of James (he who supplants)"

    Jett (MN) - English: "Jet black"

    Jude (MN) - Hebrew: "The praised one"

    Kade (MN) - American: "Stout, Sturdy"

    Kane (MN) - Irish: "Little battler"

    Kai (MN) -Hawaiian: "Ocean"

    Keegan - Irish: "Small flame"

    Layton - English: "Meadow settlement"

    Leif (LAY-f) (MN) - Scandinavian: "Heir; Loved"

    Liam - Irish: "Strong-willed Warrior"

    Lincoln - English: "From the lake colony"

    Logan - Gaelic: "Hollow"

    Mason - French: "Stone Worker"

    Manning - English: "Son of the man"

    Mylo - Latin: "Soldier"

    Nolan - Irish: "Descendent of the famous one; champion"

    Owen (MN) - Welsh: "desire born"

    Payce (MN) - Hebrew: "Passover"

    Paxton - English: "Peace settlement"

    Parker - English: "Park keeper"

    Pierce (MN) - English: "Rock"

    Porter - English: "doorkeeper"

    Preston - English: "Priest's town"

    Pryce (MN) - French: "Prize"

    Reid (MN) - English: "Red headed"

    River (MN) - English: "Place in nature"

    Rhys (R-ee-ce)(MN) - Welsh: "Running"

    Ryder (MN) - English: "Horseman"

    Rylan - English: "Land where rye is grown"

    Stone (MN) - American: "Stone"

    Tucker(MN) - English: "Garment maker"

    Weston - English: "From the western town"

    Wyatt (MN) - English: "War Strength"

    Zane (MN) - American: "Beloved"

    Zyler - American: "Strong, Brave one in Battle"

    Zaylor - French: "To cut"

    Good Luck & God Bless! & happy writing!!!

    Source(s): Chit-chat from the mama of a wonderful 15 month old boy J.P.
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  • Jamie's middle name: Jamie Danielle

    Jamie's son's name: Julian Alexander

    Jamie's parents' names: David and Christine Waverly

    Jamie's midwife's name: Katherine Anders

    Jamie's sister's name: Tori

    Jamie's brother's name: Nathan

    The woman of the social services: Kendra Landell.

    Good luckand happy writing! Sounds like a good story plot so far :o)

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    Jamie Elizabeth

    Son: Adam Christopher

    Parents: David and Laurel Prescott

    Midwife: Judy Clerson

    Sister: Eveanna Marie

    Brother: Evan Alexander

    Woman: Heather Nallman

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    What is Jamie's MIDDLE NAME? Marie

    What is her son's NAME? Chase Ryan

    Her parents' name? Alice And Jonathan

    Her MIDWIFE's name? Sarah

    Her sister's name? Natalie Grace (i have always loved this name for some reason)

    Her brother's name? Shawn

    And the woman's of the social services? Elsie

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    Middle Name: Elizabeth

    Sons Name: Ryan, Jacob, Owen

    Parents Name: Mom: Lisa, Kathleen, Kristine

    Dad: Michael, Kevin, Robert, William

    Midwife: Susanne, Amelia, Lisa

    Sister: Katie, Meghan, Lauren

    Brother's Name: Scott, Shawn, Collin, Joel

    Women at Social Services: Melissa, Jennifer, Gina

    Hope I helped! :-)

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  • Kaya
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    Interesting story! How'd you get inspired to write that! Jamie Lynn Spears huh? Just kidding!

    1) Jamie's Middle:

    Jamie Lee

    2) Her son's name:


    3) Her midwife's name:


    4) Her sister's name:


    5) Her brother's name:


    6) Social Services:

    Miss Carmichael

    7) Her mother's name:


    8) Her Dad's name:


    Goodluck! May this story be published in every public bookstore around the world!

    Kaya :D

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    What is Jamie's MIDDLE NAME? um, Oliver? Haha, jk. Maybe something girly like Jenni/Becca/Brooke because she's a cheerleader?

    What is her son's NAME? If I were you I wouldn't give him a name. In your story Jamie DOESN'T want her son, yeah? So Jamie wouldn't want to give him a name and might just call him "this stupid thing" or maybe even just "IT".

    Her parents' name? Something respectable like Mr & Mrs. Johnson/Smith/Williamson/...?

    Her MIDWIFE's name? Someone caring yet old[ish]? (I have no idea on this one)

    Her sister's name? Courtney? Lily?

    Her brother's name? Robert/John/William?

    And the woman's of the social services? Someone strict like Mrs. Hardgovy? [making it up with my wild imagination]

    Good luck! (:

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  • Anonymous
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    Middle Name: Sue

    Son's name: Austin

    Mom: Diane

    Dad: Wayne

    Midwife: Susanne

    Sister: Megan

    Brother: Zachary

    Social Service lady: Belinda

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  • Cian
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    Jamie Leigh

    Nathan James

    Michelle and Robert



    Bobby (from the dad's name Robert!!)

    Amanda or Nikky

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    Jamie Hannah

    Her son's name is Jordan

    Her parents' names are Riley & Emily

    Her midwife's name is Chloe

    Her sister's name is Brooke

    Her brother's name is Ethan

    The social service woman's name is Ashley

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