My license has been suspended. Am I still able to become a police officer?

The reason it was suspended is because I've had a couple speeding tickets on my provisional driver's license. I've never smoked weed, been arrested, etc. (it's only been minor traffic violations). Some officers I've talked to have said that I should be ok; that there have been worse people off than me that have made it in, but others have said that I will be delayed 3 years because of this mishap. What is the true answer? I'm a good kid, I just had a lead foot as a teenager. I don't think that should prevent me from chasing a dream and helping the community. More info: Baltimore County Police Department - to be specific.

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    Most departments won't hire your while your license is suspended. If you get your tickets caught up and your license reinstated, you should be fine. I know a fellow officer who's license was suspended when he was trying to get hired. The department that he had applied to told him to get his ticket paid and his license reinstated. Once he did, he was hired. I think you'll be OK. Good luck!

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    Trey, How old are you? Your driving record will be clean in 5 yrs. As long as you don't get arrested for anything, you'll be fine ! A DWI / DUI will cause you to lose it ! In the old school days you might have gotten by with DWI / DUI but not today. Too many departments are getting trashed for that now ! It seems like the US would like it better if there was no law enforcement. They would chance their mine right quick like if that were to happen. Just as the fallen soldiers in the military who gave their life for you to have the freedom you have right now ! That officer on the street fights to keep that freedom for you and everyone else, Think about it !!!!

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    You have to be able to legally drive to become a police officer. I don't know who you talked to, but I can't believe that any officer would tell you that you would be ok (that is if you are saying your license is currently suspended). Wait until you are no longer suspended and then some. If you are no longer suspended you should be okay.

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    I had my license suspended when I had a provisional license also. That did not stop me.

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    Sure! Most police are criminals anyhow and they will probably cover it up for you!

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