Used withdrawal on my gf's 22nd day of menstrual cycle. Will she be preggy? Help!

My gf's first day of menstruation from her previous cycle is July 12. We had unprotected sex last August 2. Her cycle normally runs around 26-30 days. I've been reading about STANDARD DAYS METHOD and we're currently practicing it for the last two months(with condom), and our last intercourse(August 2) was the first to go unprotected. But I withdrew on time. SO is there a chance of her getting pregnant? I don't need silly answers, I want true,hard facts, or even experiences from you guys out there. We can;t afford to have a kid now 'cause we're both in university. Help!

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    First if you are trying NOT to get pregnant, then you MUST use a better form of birth control. Anytime you have unproctected sex your at risk for a pregnancy. Although typically a woman can only get pregnant a few days of each cycle depending when she ovulates,(usually sometime mid cycle) sperm can survive in the uterus for days. And if there is sperm present when she ovulates, guess what?

    Even with the withdrawl method a man can still leave some of his fellas behind.

    If you don't want to have a baby right now, it is very important you go back to useing some form of birth control.

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    Wait - You cant afford to have a kid now but you guys are still taking chances this huge?

    Im sorry - Im not trying to be rude but not every girl ovulates on the typical 2 weeks after/before her period. It can happen anytime - literally. I had 35-42 day cycles and I got pregnant just a day or two after I got off my period. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks before my expected period. So that just goes to show you that I was VERY far off the typical ovualtion time.

    Anytime you have sex - protected or not - there is always a chance of getting pregnant. Especially if there is no condom or other form of b/c. Using the method you describe is all luck when it comes down to it - expect to get pregnant anytime. I would have her get on the pill.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: "Glitterbaby" above is entirely correct.

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    Well even before you ejaculate some fluid that contains semen escapes from the penis without you knowing. Yes there is a chance she could become pregnant even though you pulled out. You shouldn't panic though unless she starts to experience symptoms. The best way to know for sure would be to take a pregnancy test (i.e. first response) about 5 days before her expected period.

    I suggest using a condom from now on or she could go on the pill. You don't want another scare.

  • Of course there's a chance. Withdrawal as a method of birth control is not very effective. You are releasing small amounts of sperm throughout intercourse, not just at the end, and if you really can't have a kid now you really should be using a MUCH more effective birth control method; at the very least, a condom.

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    properly, you will desire to possibly use a barrier approach in this time. just to be secure. besides the fact that, there are some techniques you are going to be attentive to in the experience that your gf has ovulated. With the usual days approach, she will additionally use the basal temp(it particularly is her taking her temp on a similar time each and every morning) on the peak is while she has ovulated. it particularly is an extremely relaible approach besides the fact that not considered so because of the fact of person blunders. you will desire to take the temp on the best same time each and every morning. yet in a distinctive way is to envision the vagina for cervical mucus. If its kinda stringy, she is maximum fertile. basically utilising the usual days approach isn't very relaible because of the fact different aspects can be sure her ovulation mutually with rigidity, ailment or a transformation in on a regular basis habitual. and don't think the guy that suggested as long as you pull out. while you're having intercourse, there is a few thing regular as precum, which has sperm in it too. (not lots yet all it takes is one)

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    That depends how far along YOU were. There's a pre-secretion that still contains sperm, but if you withdrew before that then you should be fine. Be careful though! The timing in which you had sex is very close to ovulation, just remember that for next time.

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    YES ITS CALLED PRE COME ...........

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