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Army Physical Fitness Test req's would I make them for WOCS?

I am very interested and have dreamed of becoming a UH-60 (originally a Huey) aero-medical Helicopter pilot in the Military for a long time... but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I would even be competitive physically. I am 21 years old, 5' 9", 197 lbs, ON A TREADMILL I can run 1.5 miles in an average of 11 minutes, max push-ups I have done in 2 minutes were 62. max sit ups I have done is 57 sit ups in 2 minutes. Does anyone know the guidelines for the APFT for males using my above measurements?


Thanks a ton for your reply it is really helpful I don't believe I can crunch the weight though as I have always been heavy but don't look it. Do you know if there are any exceptions for this?

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    the minimum for your age is approx:

    1600min 2 mile

    52 pu in 2 min

    42 su in 2 min

    you have to exceed these in order to be competitive

    basic training chart:

    previous active duty chart:

    the active duty has change over the last 2 years but not significantly so use it as a guide only.

    rule of thumb: 60% in each event is passing. 50% in basic.

    added note, treadmill results are always deceiving. You must go out on the street and time yourself to get a true idea of your shape.

    No exceptions to weight except of course using the alternative body fat standards (if u don't meet weight, u must meet BF standards). I can tell you that you're allowed 24% body fat as a male @ 21years of age. You can find your body-fat my measuring your height, neck and abdomen.

    Use this program to get an idea. Use soft tape measure, not hard or construction type tape measures.

    Good Luck!!

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    Sorry, for a checklist APFT you heavily isn't waiting to do a changed push-up. although this is an incredible thank you to help prepare for an APFT. Do as many customary push-united statesafter which once you're drained do the changed ones. sturdy success. officers could exceed the factors, yet once you meet the minimums then you definately will nevertheless be suggested as sit down/ma'am.

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    If you always been heavy and don't look it, they will do a tape test at MEPS. That gets the body fat and if you exceed it you will have to lose weight or in some cases they give you a waiver.

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