Ok so I really want to move

to Europe, but my mom says it's pretty much impossible because you have to have a work visa to move there, and it's hard to get one or something...

And also my aunt wanted to move there once but she couldnt manage to.

So is there any way I could move there? To ANY country. I am american, by the way.

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  • Leon
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    1 decade ago
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    Why don't you go for a year as an au-pair and see if you like it? If you like it, then you can think about moving there. You could also go as an exchange student, volunteer or whatever.

    As an au-pair, you could get room and board as well as paid. As a volunteer, normally you get at least free room and board and maybe some pocket money.

    Getting a work visa in a European country, normally you would have to have some skills or education to offer.

    Check out volunteer programs at http://www.volunteerabroad.com/search.cfm or au-pair programs at http://www.iapa.org/Docs/index/index.php4

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your mom is right, I've been there and it's not easy, I had to come back. If you really want to go,save a lot of money and make sure you have a degree under your belt.

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