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weight loss diet tips?

im trying to lose some weight before soccer season, can anyone tell me what i should be eating to lose some weight?


can i drink propel insted of water?

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    Do it for yourself : easiest way to lose weight is to decide for yourself that you really want to lose weight if you are not motivated enough than nothing is going to happen

    Exercise : do cardio exercise, yoga, pilates its great to burn fat and it will tone ur body as well, Dancing can be one of the ways of a work out and you may not even get bored of it.

    Diet wise : drink 8-10 glasses of water. U should have a healthy balanced diet have more fibre and protein in your diet they keep you full and energized and you should have small meal every 3 hours and don’t eat before 3 hrs of going to bed and soup it make u full and has less calories just avoid the cream and make the soup in this way mix veggies and water sort of a thick soup its very filling and sometimes tasty. You should look at how you are eating these days. Eating healthy food lets you have a healthy body. You should stop using food that has fat and contains sweets in it. You should prefer having fruits and vegetables over them along with some work out. Check the below articles for weight loss tips.

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    Weight Watchers is fairly well! The factor process is exceptional and you'll be able to nonetheless consume at any place! The facets would possibly appear tough to hold monitor of to start with however as soon as you are on it for a couple of weeks you keep in mind the facets for the matters you consume probably the most and you'll be able to additionally get a factor calculator that's small and may also be carried round with you. But if you are simply watching to lower...reduce out sugar and butter and reduce carbs in which you'll be able to. Choose low fats or fats loose units at any time when feasible and drink tons of water. Of direction upload extra endeavor even though its small matters like parking in the back of a car park while you pass to a shop to get in a few further strolling.

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    The best tip i can give you is to

    1.Exercises Daily

    2.Try Eat healthy


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    Not eating or skipping meals is not dieting If you do you may get more weight

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  • 4 years ago

    Stop counting you re not going to be lose weight overnight Just concentrate on diet and exercise

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    love the starbucks grande caramel frappuccino skip the whole milk and whipped cream which packs in 410 calories total and order the starbucks grande caramel frappuccino light which is only 140 calories

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    increase your fiber

  • 4 years ago

    Keep a food journal and weight yourself regularly to track your progress

  • 5 years ago

    soups can be both filling and comforting try making a garden or bean soup with low salt broth and store in portion sized cups for later

  • 5 years ago

    let a great dane walk you for 13 minutes 5 mph

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