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OK, I know this sounds really terrible, but what is so great about america?

why should i be patriotic? i think it kind of sucks here...

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    There's many reasons why America is a good place. You don't have to like the U.S. government to like the USA. I'm an American and I consider myself patriotic but I hate Bush just as much as anyone else.

    I like America because, compared to many places on this planet, we have a good qualify of life. Even poor Americans are better off than people in countries that have no electricity or clean drinking water. Also, we have a lot of opportunity in America. If someone has an idea or invention that they think will be successful and make them rich, the place to market it is right here in the USA. The Global Competitiveness Report produced by the World Economic Forum measures the set of institutions, policies, and factors that set the sustainable current and long term economic prosperity within each nation. The United States ranks first and has almost every year since the survey began. It means that our country has the most competition between companies and the most likely place for a person to climb the career ladder and “make it to top” in the business world, is in the USA.

    The USA is also the most diverse nation on earth. People from around the world have immigrated here for opportunity, quality of life and freedom of religion. The Constitution protects free speech and freedom of religion for all citizens of the USA. In many countries, there is no freedom of religion. For example, in Saudi Arabia, if you were born in Saudi Arabia and convert to Christianity, you can face persecution. Non citizens, but permanent residents of Saudi Arabia who are found to not be Muslim, are deported from the country.

    Compared to many countries, products and services are cheaper in the USA, that’s because we have a large competitive market, and because many companies are based here, hey can keep the prices lower than what they charge in the other countries they serve. Although many Americans complain about gas prices, in many European countries, they pay over $10 a gallon for gas. $250,000 in the USA can easily get someone a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs. In many parts of Europe, that will only get you a small 1 bedroom apartment / flat. We also have the lowest taxes of any nation in the developed world. In some countries, half of a worker’s income is taken from the government for social services like welfare. Many Americans whine about gas prices and taxes all the time, but most don’t realize how lucky we are compared to other countries.

    On a smaller scale, another reason to like America is because of our beautiful landscape and the many wonderful cities that millions of people from around the world visit every year. Of course we do have a lot of problems in America, a lot of corrupt politicians, a lot of crime in inner city ghettos, a lot of racial issues … but what country doesn’t have problems? Despite the many problems here, I’m glad to live in the USA. People always think about the negatives first, but if you take the time to think about the good things in America, you might realize it's not as bad as you think.

    Source(s): Global Competitiveness Report
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    haha. right on, but if your looking for utopia sorry your not gonna find it. Every country sucks in some aspect or another. compared to all the other countries out there it isnt so bad i rather live here than a third world country any day. appreciate the goodness here.

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    I'd suggest you take some time living in a foreign country.

    Someplace like Saudi or Zimbabwe.

    You'd remember all of the nice stuff you like about America real quick.

    Like I did after my first tour in Saudi.

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    America is. I personally think it isn't, but whoever said **** on a corn dog must have woken up on the wrong side of the American Flag.

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    no country is perfect...every country has its pros and cons. America has pros which are attractive...and maybe some cons that aren't visible until you actually get here. I have been places much offense or anything. Maybe the election will help?

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    Um, sure and no. In a number of those video clips and such, human beings constantly seem to pass "individuals think of they very own each and every thing." Like to find Nemo. (any such lovable action picture.) I advise, that accusation has to have some floor. that's meant to be humorous yet human beings have a element while they are saying that. individuals (and that i'm American, speaking approximately fellow individuals) are, commonly, enormously caught up and extremely ignorant approximately different cultures. i don't be attentive to how. yet from my journey, they are actual. I advise, English is quite like the fourth maximum notably spoken language in the worldwide. And we've issues like quickly meals chains and Walmarts stationed worldwide extensive. It supplies the sensation that we are better, as quickly as we are incredibly no longer. And yet another occasion: Harry Potter and the reality seeker's Stone. the clarification they replaced it to "Sorcerer's Stone" is with the help of the fact the unique objective marketplace became into toddlers, who does no longer be attentive to what a actuality seeker became into. It had to sell, so as that they replaced it. nevertheless, they ought to have stored it the comparable. Why ought to individuals choose a dumbed down version of a youngster's e book? (the 1st HP *is* enormously plenty a toddler's e book.) the clarification why human beings *shouldn't* be taking stabs at usa and individuals is with the help of the fact that's generalizing and assuming we are each and every of the comparable as quickly as we are incredibly no longer. the clarification why human beings ought to is with the help of the fact they're form of appropriate. @P'previous shaped: Me. Too. I ought to superb human beings all. the. time. And on that be conscious, i became into gazing a Bollywood action picture final week and there became into this guy who became into Indian yet he became into raised in usa. And while he got here over relatives in India, something incorrect he could have performed or blunders he made became into all taken the incorrect way and all human beings blamed him using fact he's American and thought he became into boastful. heavily. there is something approximately usa and conceitedness. Ms. Fox used to declare this each and every of the time, bear in mind? She used to inform us that the worldwide used to love us, some time past some time past, and now they do no longer. using fact of our conceitedness. And, as P'previous shaped rightly referred to, lack of awareness.

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    You need to travel around the world and you'll find out why so many people want to come here.

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    It's great compared to some other places, but it isn't living up to the potential it has.

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    rapists are free to rape

    women are exploited

    everyone is treated differently If they arent white

    anyone of middle eastern background is a "terrorist" lol

    kids listen to horrible lyrics in their music

    horrible media

    bad health system

    gas prices are too high

    I love America............not

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    What's so great about America?

    Your mom ....lmao.

    Maybe you should move somewhere else.

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