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Why are we having the Olympics in CHINA? Has the Olympic Committee finally lost its mind?

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    Human Rights Abuse:

    I like to know the country that supported the Iraqi War and the support of Israel to please stand up to show how US and the whole Europe and Australia of how the act of aggression of 1.2 million Iraqis.


    Beijinger have lived there for many years and they have long mortality rate than US or Europe or Aussies.

    Beijing is not EVER in the top 30 polluted cities whereas Mexico City of 1968 Summer Olympics is.

    NO IOC is not stupid like you and hasn't lost their mind.

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    The 2008 Olympics is being hosted by China because the International Olympic Committee voted to hold the 2008 Olympics in China at least six years ago.

    Sochi, Russia was elected on July 4, 2007, to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

    The International Olympic Committee is much like the United Nations, acting in secrecy. There are 205 National Olympic Committees, with 215 members. Try contacting an Olympic Committee in any of the 205 nations represented. Attempting to contact one of the individual 215 members is an an even more daunting task.

    Dick Button might be able to help.

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    China is a good a place as any.Everyone in here say there boycotting the Olympics so what difference does it make?

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    Absolutely. For whatever the reason, or reasons, given, this selection has absolutely nothing to do with the health and welfare of the competitors, or for the benefit of sport in general. Not only do we have athletes refusing to compete in some events we now read that some equestrian riders are refusing to compete for fear of the animals health in the smog/heat. Where else in the world would you hold an event such as this; in a city ringed with ground-air missiles ????? Yeah right ................

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    China deserves it! It has made a massive progress over the past 20, 25 years.

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    why is USA so jealous. broaden up your mind a little bit. big events can take place anywhere in the world. it doesnt have to be USA always.

    as if you have better human rights situation.huh.

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    I totally agree. Let them improve their human rights stance first, then consider treating them like a civilized country.

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    You have a point, but its a little late now.

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    they paid good money to get them

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