What is your opinion on prayer in public schools? Why should it or should'nt it be allowed? Church v state?

How about a moment of silence. I am writing a controversial essay and need some information...I greatly appreciate your answers and resources. thank you

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    Prayer IS allowed in schools. Mandatory prayer isn't allowed. Moments of silence are fine.

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    The problem was not that they acknowledged God, but that they used the Lord's prayer to do it. It wasn't a prayer that was universal to everyone's beliefs. The reason the Supreme Court voted it down is because the state was supporting a specific religion.

    The 1st ammendment says that the US won't have any established religion (the establishment clause) this has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as a separation of church and state. Meaning that the state will not endorse or support any religion.

    The supreme court ruling does not take away an individuals right to pray, or a group of students right to pray, it simply says the school can not sponsor it.

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    School is a place to learn. If you allow one religion special treatment, you must allow all religions the same level of special treatment. To what point are you willing to take it? Should the Islamic call to prayer be played on the speakers? How about Native American spirit dances in the halls? How long before you are too wrapped up in having everyone doing their religious traditions and have no time to teach?

    If you are talking about allowing personal worship by the individual in a way that doesn't disrupt... well, why change it? It seems to be working pretty good like that now.

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    Prayer is legally allowed in public schools, as long as it's only initiated by the students and that they aren't disrupting school activities in the process. It cannot, however, be required or led by teachers or school administrators. I disagree with the idea of having a "moment of silence" because that's basically saying that anybody who doesn't follow the Judeo-Christian god (Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, etc) needs to sit still and shut up while everybody else is praying, and thus it's discrimination.

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    This is okay-

    Little Timmy praying quietly to himself.

    This is not okay-

    "This is a message from your Principal. Repent, sinners, or burn in Hell."

    See the difference?

    No mandatory prayer...a moment of silence, I'm not so sure about. In what context is this "moment of silence"? We have a moment of silence on days like 9/11, to remember the victims, but it isn't religious. As long as religion isn't being pushed onto students by staff, then I don't care.

    Church and state are separate, and they should stay that way.

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    Hate to ruin your essay but prayer in public schools is already allowed. Students are allowed to pray in public schools, they could even read a bible, they could even gather other students and have a prayer sessions together as long as it didn't interfere with normal school activities. What is not allowed is for the schools themselves to organize, promote, or endorse any such prayers. And that is how it should be.

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    I have no problem with prayer in school, as long as it is not required, forced, or mandatory in any way. A moment of silence is just a smokescreen for everything I am against. It's required, mandatory, and forced. We all know it is supposed to be prayer time, and that is siomply not acceptable in a public school, where my Atheist tax dollars, along with your Christian tax dollars, are used and spent by the school board.

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    People can pray all they want in public schools in the US, it just can't be state-mandated or led by the school.

    There's no reason whatsoever for a moment of silence, although I don't think that it violates the establishment clause the way mandated prayer would. Honestly, though, we're falling behind other developed nations rather spectacularly in regards to our academics... do we really need less time teaching?

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    Yes it should be allow under the first amendment which give freedom of speech and the right to practice our religion. Also in the letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote about separation of church and state. He said flat out that it was not to keep the church out of the state but the state of the church. Funny how people do not know that I am not a Christian but I am a firm believer in tolerance and I think we should tolerate christians too P.S. It was probably not a kid that wrote that. It was probably an adult and then said a kid that wrote it

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    The problem with prayer in schools is that most of the support for it is from the Christian community, that thinks this will either give them a captive audience, or will allow them to turn public schools into a Christian prayer meeting (thinking that they will be able to insert their secret agents into the schools and dominate the class). I think it's perfectly acceptable, as long as the child is allowed to pray to whatever deity, in whatever manner they choose, without any interference from the teacher. Whether this is to the boring and acceptable Jesus, or all the way to invoking Thor, God of thunder, or even Lord Satan himself (with appropriate sacrifice of that damn hamster who won't stop running on that farking WHEEL!, I Hate that lil furrball!)

    Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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