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Teen Issues/ High School/Junior High

What are some teen issues you dealt with during both high school and junior high?

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    pressure, grades, loosing friends, people around you changing their personality, mean teachers, awesome teachers, sex, rumors, drugs, alcohal, bitches, bullies, getting a job, balancing school and work, making money, being broke, getting a car and lisence, people letting you down, getting stood up, jerky guys, sweet guys, total losers, people that think they are better than you, and getting the best friends in the whole world.

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    My biggest issue I've faced in high school is the pressure to be "thin" and "beautiful". I have suffered bulimia since 8th grade, though I can't fully blame high school, I definately believe it played a huge role with my eating disorder.

    Another issue I've personally dealt with is partying, drinking, smoking, and pot (which I no-longer take part in).

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    im only in jouiner high but so far ive dealt with guys,my cursh benig well cant figure what he maens,an ex friend,people benig mean to me,drama

    what about you


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  • fitting in cuz I hate sports it was hard for me to fit in

    first time getting a serious relationship (not sexual though)

    friendship and family problems


    mean girls

    first time doing Weed (emo/stoner)

    procrastinating on homework

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    Bullying, peer pressure, fights, pressure to have sex/do drugs + alcohol, etc

  • drugs sex alcohol popularity friends pubery house parties the usual stuff

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    Peer pressure, sex, Alcohol, Dumb boys... Drama.

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    Mine was just drugs (8th grade), pressure, grades, sex (9th grade).

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    rumors about me being a lesbian which im not, and social anxiety

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