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Better actor? Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio

PLEASE do not compare Batman to Jack Dawson! Who's the better actor? Please compare all their movies, not just Titanic and Dark Knight, but like the Departed vs. American Psycho.


Forget Titanic! Please don't answer this if you've seen only Leo in Titanic.

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    Leonardo Dicaprio is by far the better Actor, people who think Bale is better have obviousley not seen all of his movies. "Whats eating Gilbert Grape" "The Basketball Diaries" & "This Boys Life" show what talent he had from an early age. Leo will go down as one of the Greatest Actors of our time, his movies are all different and show how versatile he is. "The Departed" "The Aviator" "Catch me if you can" are so different. Leo even got the highest praise from Robert DeNero for his talent. So stop hating and watch his movies. You will be surprized if you have only seen Titanic. Star for you.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio, yet Christian Bale cracked my precise ten with the launch of The Fighter. Leo: a million. The Departed 2. The Aviator 3. Shutter Island 4. Gangs of vast apple 5. Inception Bale: a million. The dark Knight 2. Batman starts 3. The Fighter 4. The Machinist 5. American Physco BQ2: Bale - Scorsese, Leo - Lumet

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    i think dicaprio is a very underrated actor. he has put in some brilliant performances in his career and is definitely one of the best actors of his generation. his performance in departed was brilliant and didnt receive the recognition it deserved, and his performance in whats eating gilbert grape was astonishingly realistic. that said.....christian bale IS the best actor around, along with johnny depp and edward norton, and a couple of others (not dicaprio, but hes not far off), and he has a great versatility and sense of humour like in american psycho. he's also more consistent than dicaprio, and has more intensity and gravitas. i'd say he is probably the best actor around atm, at least until johnny depp puts in another classic performance. that said, depp and bale are going to be acting opposite each other in a new film called public enemies, depp plays a bank robber and bale plays a cop, so maybe we will see who is better in that film. cant wait ^^

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    Hands down Christian Bale. He is a MUCH better actor than Leonardo DiCaprio. His characters are more believable.

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    Leonardo diacaprio hands down. Theres been leo mania the world over, he is still one of the biggest actors going after all these years, he can play the most amazing characters and is the nicest guy ever

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    Christian Bale is better when it comes to action flicks, DiCaprio is good for drama (and I loved him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape).. but if I had to decide I'd say DiCaprio is the better actor.

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    Bale, Bale ,Bale!! Did you see the machinist? or American Psycho? Those characters compared to different, so much range.

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    Christian Bale.

    He's done waaaay better movies in his like 4 years of being known than Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Titanic was a great movie, but The Illusionist and Batman were mucccch better.

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    Bale, hands down.

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