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why do blacks make a big deal about the word n****r?

why is it that they are trying to banned the word ni**er. but blacks can still you that word. like when somebody calls them that they make such a big deal like its offensive or something. im mexican && when people call me we**ack or border jumper its not a big deal. but when someone out of their black race calls them a ni**** they blow it all out of porportion yet its alright for them to go around calling themselves ni**** && its alright for them to call a mexican a wet***k or a border jumper or even a white person a cracker or say something like white boy. yet when people outside of their race says the word ni**** they get soo offensive? so why is that?

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    It is not a pretty word. It has serious history behind it. Study black history in school and study it well. I have hispanic heritage and proud of it. I am also a black woman in America. I have never heard anyone except calos mencia and george lopez call mexicans Wet b a c k s or bord e r jumpers or whatever. I think this might be something that happens in Cali. In reference to the N word, dont use it and learn then listen. People will say whatever they want to say even if it becomes illegal, as long as you or yours dont say it you are good.

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    First off, this will never be banned. There is not 1 government agency that I know of that would want to open that pandoras box. But to get to the point..

    My family is a mix of Irish and Italian. Being stuck in the middle of both (as I am a hybrid Italian and Irish) I can get away with referring to others as "Mics" or "Guido's" simply because my own heritage represents both cultures. However if either side refers to the other with the same slur, you better be ready for a fight. I dont know an Irishman or an Italian that would let either get away with throwing those words around.

    I have never come into a situation where anyone thought it was ok for a black person to refer to someone from mexico as a "Wet Back" However, with regards to the term "Cracker" I dont think it holds the same connotation as the "N" word and I believe that other whites like myself feel the same way. Actually, I think its quite funny.

    So why is it that you must single out blacks, or specifically, black Americans, when there are so many other people in this country who get so easily offended by words that are not nearly as representative of the negative connotation of the "N" word.?

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    I think people of any race need to just chill with the name calling.

    If a person calls another person a name and that person responds by getting aggresive, they are just giving in to what the first person wants you to do. Person #1 knows what they are doing when they say that word? #2 is no better than they are if they give in a fight over it. Be the better person and shrug it off. Show them know that it doesn't bother you. I know it sounds easier than it is to do but fighting over a word is petty. Hey stick and stones.

    At the same time if someone is going to state hey that word is offensive then they need to not use it themselves. Set an example. There is no way an offensive word can be positive. I know of an older a/a woman to gets offended if another a/a person uses the word for any reason. It's just disrespectful.

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    I don't think you can really banned a word. Black people do not like being called the N word by white people or any other person who is not black because not a long time ago the N word was used in a negative way (slavery). Black people in return have used the N word in a somewhat positive way instead of a negative.

    I really don't know how to explain the answer to you but I hope I have helped some what :)

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    "My grandpa calls black people the "N" word all the time (that's just how he was raised)" So that makes using the "N word" OK or right ????? Pfft ! Your grandfather is a BIGOT pure and simple! Yeah, go ahead and get offended because I told the TRUTH I don't care pfft. Do Whites have a copyright on "h0nkie" (which is not as bad as the 'N' word)? Try calling the mostly White people here that word, and see how long your post stays up. Pigs here call Blacks the "N" word all the time here, and their posts stay up even though I know they have been reported by people. But I only see ONE bigot here sometimes typing about "white puntas" or however you spell it. And those posts are deleted IMMEDIATELY! Now what does that tell you? If you can answer honestly that is. Tells me that YA is very biased, ... towards Whites. And ALL Black people don't call each other that disgusting slur. You LIE pfft.

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    I would like to hear the word "ni**er" used in a positive light like some of you have mentioned.Some of you have said that black people have taken the word from a negative and gave it a positive spin on it amongst the black community.Where and how is what I ask?

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    they find it offensive for the same reason women find being called a ***** offensive. the word is a derogatory remark and it should not be used. black people can use the word because by using the word they are taking the venomous hatred out of it; they are taking possession of the word therefore taking it away from the bigots who would use it as a means of hurting them

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    You cannot equate a word used to describe illegal aliens with a word that has been used to describe people as property.

    And if a word can be used against *you* in a derogatory manner, then *you* have the right to determine if *you* want to use that word.

    The idea that "if Black people can use the word then everyone should be able to" is just illogical. The only way that makes sense is if EVERYONE has had an identical history. Which, of course, we haven't.

    (The spell check is free, by the way.)

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    they are just overly sensitive because they use everything as a reason why they are not successful. For instance they say things like:

    "People call me the N word and I get upset and can't work"

    "People look at me weird and I get upset so I beat my wife and then cheat on her"

    yadda yadda yadda

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    well if you have no black in you you wouldnt be able to see it from our point of view...that word mean that you are lower than dirt it means that you are worthless...thats why we get offended...and black people use it in many ways that does not have anyhing to doo with racism

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