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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesHouston · 1 decade ago

About Discovery Green Park in Houston

I was planning on taking my nieces to the Discovery Green Park in Downtown Houston. I looked on their website and it looks like a nice place that I would not expect to be in Houston (no offense). I just wanted to know some people's personal reviews of the park. Any tips, suggestions, warnings, or comments that would make the visit worthwhile and fun?


Also what about parking? I know parking in Downtown can be a hassle and expensive.


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    1 decade ago
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    We went to Discovery Green a few weeks ago, and that's exactly what I said on the way home -- great park, totally out of its element in Houston. I wish the rest of the area would take a hint.

    Um, bring swimsuits. Parking downtown isn't bad. On weekends, though, you're competing with people going to Minute Maid Park, Brown Convention Center, etc... It was soo crowded and took us a while to find a spot on the street but found one about six or seven blocks away. And you don't have to pay for street parking on weekends, I don't think. The machines wouldn't let us, at least. There were also a bunch of open lots for about $5, cash only.

    It is just so freakin' hot, though. It was fine for my daughter because she ran around in the water most of the time, but I felt nauseated after a while. There isn't much shaded area, which is terrible when you're out there midday.

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