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should i drop jj hardy

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  • Pronk
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    Replace him with J.Peralta,if possible....

    Peralta is extremely hot at the plate.

    ~G{}{}d Luck!~

  • 1 decade ago

    well it depends on who u have to pick up off the WW

    also is hardy your starting SS?

    I think i would drop him because he has only 3 hits in his last 38 At bats, and is known to take FOREVER to break out of slumps. Stephen Drew is a decent option to pick up if he's available. Also Brendan Harris of the Twins has been hitting well as of late

    Source(s): 3 years of playing ESPN fantasy baseball
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    I've got Hardy in my league too. And I'd love to drop him. But, unfortunately, there is no one else to get that is better. Hopefully you can find a replacement. Good luck.

  • yes yes yes.

    jj hardy was good last year on his run. it isnt with him this year. drop him and get another SS who is more worth it. He is more of a risk than an asset

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