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Will McCain become Obama Secretary of homeland security ?

when McCain lose in november could he become Obama Secretary of defense or homeland security director ?


lmao it's funny but they both talk about reaching across the party lines

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    Your humor is fantastic! I wish too.......

  • Erika
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    properly before everything, i'm satisfied to take heed to of Hillary and John Kerry being the forerunners for Secretary of State, the two very qualified experts. so a ways as McCain is going, i think of that's achieveable, although no longer likely. If he does ask McCain to be in his cabinet, it would probable be between the lesser titles like Secretary of Veterans Affairs, although, McCain hasn't incredibly led that plenty on Veterans' matters. He ought to probable be the Director of united states Intelligence, although that's all hypothesis. perhaps he may be the secretary of holding teenagers off the White abode backyard. in spite of his place in the cabinet must be, it would help the democrats' place in the Senate. eliminating John McCain's seat may well be a huge hit against the Republicans, and because Arizona has a democratic governor, it must be assumed that she might hire a democratic senator. as a effect the hunt for 60 seats, and a phillabuster info Senate, is made much less complicated. All hypothesis aside, i do no longer think of Obama will hire McCain to his cabinet. McCain has shown by his campaign that he's out of touch, and holding him on the brink of the cabinet could do greater harm than reliable. although, I do have self belief Obama would be asking him in reliable will to be on his area in the Senate for determining to purchase the country back in shape.

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    It would be in Obama's best interest NOT to appoint McCain to any government position. Why would you choose someone to work alongside you who has spent the past year throwing lowballs at you? The answer is: you wouldn't. McCain doesn't deserve to be president if he isn't even mature enough to handle a presidential election like an adult!

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    No. McCain will return to His homeland of Arizona, and spend the remaining months of His life -watching His Paris Hilton Video. :)

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    Will Obama become the executive bathroom Janitor when he loses ?

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    Dear god I hope not... lol

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