Average Boston, MA weather in late dec?

We are thinking about going to Boston for Christmas, whats the weather going to be like?

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  • Hank
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    1 decade ago
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    Because the ocean has not yet become real cold the weather at Christmas time can vary a lot - as cold as 15F, as mild as 60F at Christmas.

    The average is about 42F day, 25F night.

    Most early and mid-December snows change to rain - Boston enjoys a white Christmas only about 20% of the time, and there has been deep snow only twice in the past 140 years.

    However, this is for Boston City. Every mile you go west and north is colder and snowier.

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  • Lizbiz
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    1 decade ago

    My winter undies like to make a show in December but layers and good wet weather boots are first. This year you can expect chilled winds and lots of damp and drizzle. There will be a snow fall or two the day before you arrive but Logan Airport is up to the job. No one minds cold noses or lost mittens but wearing high heeled boots, unless you are Bostonian, is a no no. There will be two days of winter sunshine followed by a back up on the expressway as you attempt to fly home. Plan an extra day for proper departure at security. Have a great time! Boston is killer during the holidays and not to be missed.

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  • gum
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    3 years ago

    could no longer agree greater with cwstuff! the climate in New England is punctiliously unpredictable. ordinarily early September remains in the 70s and 80s however the nights could be very chilly. does not start up getting relatively chilly until late October, yet this year it grew to become into in the mid 70s on Halloween, and the year in the previous it grew to become into in the 30s. ordinarily the summer season Months (June to September) and the wintry climate months (December to March) are tremendously consistent, very heat in the summertime, very chilly in the winner, its the spring and fall months that are the main unpredictable!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cold cold cold....usually not much snow maybe a dusting(1-3inches) but a jacket(a north face or peacoat) usually does as with outerwear...but new years is almost always in the teens or twenties so most ppl usually dont mind staying in....best of luck

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