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My Girlfriend Broke up

my girlfriend broke up with me and i agreed and said yeah im going to move on...and she keeps calling and texting me and its making it really hard because i love her.. what should i do im 23 and she is 21 and we have been threw alot with each other.but even though i agreed. she isnt leting me go. because i keep telling her to leave me alone and she is still texting


she broke up with me because i didnt take her dog to the groomers ......serious no joke

Update 2:

her texts are talking **** to me no nice texts

she is telling me she is done

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    tell her that u promised her to let her go and that it was hard and that she is still making it hard for u to let her go. say u broke up with me for a stupid reason just because i didnt take ur dog to the groomers doesnt mean u had to break up with me. tell her that she hurt u and it isnt so forgiving. if u truly want her to leave u alone tell her that again and if she keeps doing it maybe u should be a little tougher and tell her the straight out truth

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    Has your girlfriend actually said she wants the two of you to get back together? if not then she is clearly playing you and you need to tell her to stop and to let you have space to get over her!

    She broke up with you over something so stupid, she sounds very high maintenance! You can't just make yourself miserable because you still love her that's not fair on you.Yes you love her,Yes your hurting but it would be better for you to have no contact with her or else you will never move on and will be stuck in a constant loop. She isn't playing fair on you, she needs to realise she can't just play with your emotions! Be brave stand up to her and let her know you aren't willing to let her mess with your head. Your mental health is one of the most important things to you!

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    Ignore her. It's the only way. I know that's hard, but she sounds really immature and irrational. The only thing she should be texting is an apology. Best wishes.

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    she might think it was a stupid thing to argue about and she feels bad and wants to get back together but doesnt know how to say it.

    ask her why she keeps texting and make it easier for her.

    i'm almost sure if she keeps calling because she really likes you. giver her a chance

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    well, this is just a theory, but maybe she was testing you to see if you really loved her.. if she's still keeping in touch, then i think i'm right. if you still love her try to get her back!!! even if it means doing something really embarrassing!!!!!

    good luck!!!!!

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    Get back with her, if you still love her.

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    if you know that she was kind of that way maybe you should of kind of let her down easy too that was a stupid reason

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    She broke up with you for a dumb reason.

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    are you sure she really meant the actual break up?

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