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the truth to who really killed hiphop

soulja boi didnt killed hip hop if that was the truth vanilla ice killed hiphop. what i think is the government killed hip hop they knew it was blacks form of expressing our self and the voice of the truth they want hip hop to die

hip hip isnt just music it was a movement. think about it big cooperations run hip hop. we cant blame soulja boi thats what they want us to think so we could go at each other.

so what do you think of my thoughts ?

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    good.....cant point the finger at one person though. downloaders (me), the corporations, Jay-Z, Eminem, Diddy, Lil Jon, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, ect. but Hip Hop can't die.....listen to 'Fear Not of Men' - Mos Def.....if you about this culture and stand on your square YOU ARE Hip Hop.

    Source(s): Fear Not Of Man F$%K you teenyboppers Hi Hater...........
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    People who ask dumb questions like this. hip hop will never die it is to entrenched in the streets in urban culture. The people will always control the real hip hop whatever is on the TV radio is just a small piece of it not even enough for a serving

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    lmfao. "truth vanilla ice killed hiphop. what i think is the government killed hip hop "

    oh man thats funny lol.

    yeah well i think the government killed hip hop.

    i think hip hop died when Pac and Big went.

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  • I will say this.

    The Leviathan allows alot of foul foolish coonery out there to destroy the intellect of those who don't know to keep them in a state of darkness like the black church in the hood who steals from the people and tells them this white looking Loki from mythology saved them now pass the collection plate...


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    Hip-Hop isn't dead you just don't know where to find it.

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    Hip Hop isn't dead.

  • Downloading and bootlegging destroyed hiphop. Artist arent making good money, so why make good music.

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    1 decade ago

    hip hop isn't dead or we would not be on rap and hip hop section of Y!A

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    Its the truth. Everything put out there on the radio is put out for a reason.

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