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CoCo asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Pit Bull owners, let's be honest...

How many of you (if you have multiple Pitties) crate one or all of your Pit Bulls while you are not at home?

How many of you honestly think that none of your Pitties would ever start a fight with the other one?

Do you think you are being responsible by leaving more than one Pittie out at a time?

No need for rude answers/comments, or thumb downs =]

PS- I am a Pit Bull owner myself, so don't go jumping down my throat, this is just a question out of curiosity.


Ok, let me change that to people who have RESCUED Pit Bulls.

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    Dog - dog aggression is VERY real with this breed. And it is NOT just how you raise them. True a well socialized and trained dog will be perfectly well behaved, and tolerate other dogs well WHILE their owner is present and able to cue the dogs.

    I've seen my own dogs eye another dog. It's natural I don't know ANY multiple dog house hold that HASN'T had a scuffle or atleast some low growling (That's MY squeaky) While I'm there - i can correct the behavior and my pups become as gentle as lambs.

    I don't want to come home to a dead or badly injured dogs. My pups are all seperated while I am gone. I honestly don't think my dogs would ever fight to the death - but there's always that "What if"

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    I have a cane corso/pitty mixed dog, I don't crate him but I have to crate my Basset mix and my coonhound mix cause they are the ones I worry about. I know I have heard horror stories but quite honestly I trust Sigmond over any other dog I owned. NOW outside on a leash by his property, with a strange dog, thats another story. I could see him starting something. Thats why I keep good control on him at all times.

    Source(s): 9 years as Shelter manager, wildlife rehaber, raising orphaned animals, investigator for animal abuse\neglect and years of owning,training, breeding many types of Animals
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    I haven't rescued an APBT. And I only own one now, but I had two a few months ago.

    Both were crated together when we were gone.

    I never assume anything with my APBT and they would fight quite a bit as puppies, we had to break them up before it got too mean.

    Leaving more than one out at a time? Outside or just out in general? Mine were fine to go outside together or play around the house, but they were never unsupervised because thats when fights happen. But it may have just been the puppy in them.

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    Yes. Okay. I crate both of my pits when no one is home during the day... Not because I am worried about them getting into a fight with one another, but because I know throughout the day as boredome progresses, I would come home to a torn house. I did the same with my black lab... I left her home just once to sleep and play where she pleases, and I can home to a knocked over fish bowl, eaten pants, and chewed shoes. If one pit is in the kennel, then they both are in the kennel. They come out together, and go in together. I hope one day I will be able to trust both of my dogs enough to let them free roam the house, but for now, I like to come home to everything in one piece.

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    I do not have rescue Pits, but I do happen to have three dogs. One is a purebred APBT and one of the others is a Pit/Rotti mix. The third is an older large mixed breed. The only one I crates the APBT because he is still a puppy and chews everything. Once he gets out of that stage they will all be left out together, just as two of the others are now.

    As in out, I mean loose in my house not left outside. I see nothing wrong with that. But just to clarify I am A stay at home mom and am home with the dogs and kids most of the time.

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    i would crate my bullies of any breed. they are wonderful dogs, and yes raising does have a lot to do with it. but genetics are stronger than the best dog trainers, unfortunately.

    i would not crate a bully to keep it from fighting another, simply because if one wants the other badly enough the crate isn't going to stop him. i would crate to keep the dogs safe from eating something damaging or destroying something out of boredom.

    those of you who preach good raising need to do some more research. owning one or two does not make you an expert. i know a lady who runs our local boxer rescue. she was house sitting for someone who had a boxer that she had known since it was a pup. on day 3 the dog just snapped and nearly took her life. not only is the dog CGC certified she's been through class after class after class of obedience and even some agility.

    i also know a family who had a pair of APBT's who were littermates. same background, lots of obedience (positive reinforcement only) and spayed early on both parts, and one day while walking in the park like they did every day one sister calmly leaned over and removed the other's throat.

    this is not bad breeding or even bad ownership. it is the breed. all bullies are pit bulls and pit bulls were bred for so long to be dog aggressive that breeding it out is going to be impossible. there is always that spark, that chance that something is going to set them off. this is why teenagers who have babies and pit bulls in the same household often end up in bad situations. it takes a certain type of lifestyle and person to have one of these dogs. i commend the ones who are responsible and would like to beat the crap out of the stupid ones who want a mean dog. bullies are very eager to please their humans, but sometimes they snap, and there's nothing we can do about it except pray we can handle the situation calmly if it happens to us.

    so yes crate them, to keep their intestines safe. and love them, and treat them like family, but be prepared and never think your dog won't ever hurt anyone or anything because that attitude is what gets people hurt.

    Source(s): research and a long time love of the bully breeds
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    I own two American Staffordshire Terriers and I don't crate either of them unless on is injured (ie,just had neuter surgery) or someone comes over that fears my dogs.

    Other than that they have free roam of the house and our yard.

    My newest male did try to fight the other, but after he was fixed all aggression was dulled out.

    I think ANY dog has the potential to start a fight with another. Though I do not worry about my bullies, my beagle is another issue.

    I love all my dogs dearly and am careful to train them in proper behavior and manners.

    Both walk great on a lead, and I watch their body language when coming in contact with new dogs.

    I'm working on training my newest male on his CGC

    *Both of my boys are rescues

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    my step father bred very high quality pits for almost 20 years. One's that showed signs of aggression early on, he'd warn the buyer, and a few he kept himself because he felt it irresponsible to unleash on someone who may not fully understand the breed.

    That being said, he always crated the dogs, even adult mother's from adult daughters and so on........ it's just the responsible thing to do since they can be such bullies!!!!!

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    All my Pit Bulls get along great,but just as humans they can annoy each other and I have to step in and tell one or the other to stop pickin'If I go anywhere for any length of time I crate all but the old one just in case.I cant expect my older dog to not get mad at the youngster that loves to pick.

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    I dont own any myself but my friend does and she has 2-males and 1-female. She allows one of her males (male 1) to run loose all the time, he minds very well, as a matter of fact he is scared of just about everything. On the other hand she just got the other male (male 2) and female from her husbands cousin they are brother/sister. Now male 2, is not the same he dont bother the female (his sister) but any other dogs better not cross his path, he done and killed one of her Chihuahua's and got after the other pit (male 1) now she is getting rid of male 2 because she dont want a dog like that around her house in case he tries to hurt another dog or even someone. She keeps the brother/sister in a kennel so that they cant get out and get ahold of any other dogs.

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